Voices of Fire Season 2 Release Date, Renewed or Cancelled?

Voices of Fire is a music documentary released on Netflix in 2020. This United States documentary is about Pastor Ezekiel Williams, with his superstar nephew Pharrell, to form an inspiring gospel choir outside the traditional line. Voices of Fire was released on Netflix on November 20, 2020, and consists of 6 episodes in total. The second season of the series is a matter of curiosity for fans. So, has Netflix renewed the series for a second season? When will it air?

Voices of Fire Season 2 Plot

Are you ready to meet the coolest and most fun of the audio contests? One of the most important features that distinguish this program from others is that each person who comes to the competition shares his story before his voice. Among these stories, there are some really dramatic ones. Therefore, while watching this program, you actually get the chance to get to know many people with different backgrounds and stories. This definitely means much more than a music competition experience.

The stories people came across in the first season of this show were really dramatic. Some people came here after the loss of loved ones, while others had very big psychological problems and social anxiety. However, by overcoming these problems and concerns, those who attended the program received great applause and appreciation.

 All of these caused the connection between the program and the audience to strengthen and caused more fans to watch this show. Many people say they cried over and over while watching this show. There are such dramatic stories in the second season expectations of Voices of Fire. Because people really liked to listen to them and empathize!

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What Will We See in the Second Season of The Voices of Fire? 

So, what will The Voices of Fire be about in season two? In fact, everyone watched the auditions of the jury members in the first season in a very exciting way. For this reason, the number of people who anticipate which emotions will be effective during the auditions in the second season is very high. It is planned that especially real characters with a high level of energy and an emotional background will be selected for this program. Choosing different characters who have a high rate of devotion and depth can add an extra ambiance to the second season of the program.

Will there be a second season of the show?

Netflix has not yet renewed the series for a second season. So far, the reviews are not bad, and it has an above-average score on IMDb. It’s early to see news of a renewal yet. In the upcoming days, Netflix will evaluate the views and financial conditions. In case of any renewal, the average production time of the series is one year. We can see a new season at the End of 2021. We will keep track of the renewal status for you. Stay tuned for updates.

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