Ultramarine Magmell Season 2

Ultramarine Magmell Season 2 Release date, Netflix, Renewal

Ultramarine Magmell, also known as Magmel of the Sea Blue, is an adventure and fantasy anime series presented to viewers worldwide on Netflix in 2019. The anime belongs to a manhua series originally written and illustrated by Chinese artist Dainenbyo. It might be interesting to say manhua. However, the manga series is not Japanese made and these Chinese manga series names that way. Created by Studio Signpost in Japan, the series originally aired on Tokyo MX, BS Fuji channels. Studio Signpost is a sub-studio of Pierrot Studio, which is the creator of anime such as Akudama Drive. The series also managed to gain viewers from all over the world thanks to the Netflix license. The first season of the series consisted of 13 episodes in total and was broadcast on Netflix on October 10, 2019, after being released in Japan between April 7, 2019 – June 30, 2019. For over a year, fans haven’t seen a second season yet. So has Netflix renewed the series for a second season?

What is the Plot of Ultramarine Magmell Season 2?

A continent suddenly emerges in the Pacific Ocean. People call this new continent Magmell. Magmell is a highly dangerous place with creatures and plants unseen on other continents. Most researchers who went to research there died. Anglers help researchers: Inyo, the angler, and his assistant Zero help researchers seeking help from Magmell’s wilderness.

Ultramarine Magmell

The first season of the anime managed to impress its audience with the imagination. Especially those who love fantasy productions were very impressed by this series. The past of Zero and Inyo was also mentioned in the first season of the series. However, viewers want to get more into Inyo’s past and inner world in a possible season. How did Inyo get there? Who is Shuin? Where are Inyo’s parents? There are a lot of question marks. And these questions can only be clarified in a possible second season. In the first season of the series, fans were uneasy about the drawings. We hope that the 2D and 3D character drawing mismatch will be fixed in possible season two.

Will there be a second season of the anime?

As of January 2021, at the time of writing, Neither Netflix nor the creator studios Pierrot or Studio Signpost has renewed the anime for a second season. It can take years for an anime to renew, but the absence of any renewals or leaks so far reduces the possibilities. The first season of the series was below other Netflix anime in terms of popularity. The series’s popularity score is 55.0%, and this score is quite low compared to other animes like Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress and Seis Manos released on Netflix during the same period. However, our ability to see the second season in the future depends on the manga situation as well.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the series article, the anime is adapted from a manhua written and illustrated by Dainenbyo. The manga series published by Fanfan Dongman began airing in 2014. Since the manga does not have an English publisher, it is difficult to find a translation.

The manga series consists of eight volumes in total. Anime, on the other hand, was adapted, taking into account the first four volumes. There is sufficient source material for the second season, but the popularity of the series and the long silence significantly reduce the possibility of a second season. The second season of the series is very unlikely. If we receive new news, we will share it with you.