trigonometry season 2

Trigonometry Season 2 Release date, BBC, HBO Max Renewal

Trigonometry is a mini-series that met with the audience in 2020 through BBC Two. The drama is simply about romantic comedy and love between three people. Their environment and families are also affected by this relationship. They also address this separately. Trigonometry was also published on HBO Max with the BBC. In this way, the first season reviews of the series, which had the opportunity to be watched worldwide in a short time, were average. The first season of the production, written by British director Duncan Macmillan and Effie Woods, consisted of 8 episodes. So what do we know about the second season of the series? Has the BBC renewed the show for a second season?

Trigonometry Season 2 Plot

Ray, Kieran, and Gemma appear in the first season of Trigonometry. They are advancing their relationship smoothly and finding ways to compromise. In the last episodes of the series, Gemma gets pregnant, and they make the season finale with episode 8.

Are you curious about the second season of Trigonometry? The series managed to entertain the audience without tiring. The first two episodes were broadcast on BBC Two, but all episodes are available on BBC iPlayer. Although it was an unusual subject, the series did not receive a reaction from the audience. The viewers and especially the fans, enjoy watching this trio.


What will happen in the second season?

Even if the producers did not give a signal for the second season, the fact that Gemma got pregnant could be a sign for the second season. Viewers want to see what kind of parent this trio will be. The second season can tell about their parenting and how to deal with it, whether there will be disagreement between them.

We wonder if the characters who are hugely entertaining in the relationship can do the same as parents. Differences in parenting perspective will be the main theme of the second season of the series. The absence of a mother and father makes this baby and relationship more interesting. While even a mother and father can be quite complicated when raising a child, the drama can make a lot of noise in this aspect.

Will there be a second season of the series?

The BBC has yet to renew the series for a second season. There is nothing to worry about yet, and there is no cancellation yet. The first season of the series left the door quite open to the second season, and it was definitely not planned as a single season. However, everything will depend on the outcome of the BBC’s financial assessment. The series does not appear to be of sufficient popularity at the moment, the series with 6.9 points in IMDB was rated by only 724 people so far. There is no notice of cancellation yet, but you need to be prepared for anything. If the series is approved for a new season, it could hit screens in late 2021. We will update it here when there is a renewal and the official release date is announced.