TONIKAWA (Tonikaku Kawaii) Season 2 Release Date, Renewal

TONIKAWA, or Tonikaku Kawaii, is a romantic comedy, slice of life anime series released in 2020 and quickly gained attention. The anime, which is not original content, is actually based on Kenjiro Hata’s manga series of the same name. Seven Arcs, the creator of anime, merged its studios last year. Their first work after Arte was TONIKAWA. The anime, also known as “Fly Me to the Moon“, originally aired on Tokyo MX, ytv, BS-NTV channels from October 3, 2020, to December 19, 2020. Aniplus Asia and Crunchyroll also licensed the anime. An OVA episode is confirmed to come in 2021, but fans want more. Will anime have a second season?

What is the plotline of the anime?

Nasa Yuzaki, who is ridiculed by his strange name, tries hard to be remembered differently. Fortunately, he is on the right track, ranked first in the exams, and managed to get into his choice school. But a girl he encounters on the street one night on his way home will change his life radically. Fascinated by the girl’s incredible grace, ‘love at first sight’ becomes real for Nasa. Drunk in love, Nasa fails to notice the danger that is approaching fast on the road and turns from the brink of death.

tonikaku kawaii
The Picture: Crunchyroll Collection / YouTube

Barely surviving thanks to the girl’s intervention, Nasa does not want to kidnap her and confesses his love. The girl agrees on one condition: marriage! Nasa, who gladly accepts the condition, falls asleep there, and when he wakes up, the girl disappears. After his wounds heal, he throws aside all his other ambitions and devotes his life to finding the girl who captured his heart, but after a year, he still cannot find it. But one night, an unexpected visitor knocks on his door, facing his future wife, who will change his world forever.

Will there be a second season of the TONIKAWA?

Neither Seven Arcs nor manga publisher Shogakukan nor Crunchyroll has yet to renew the anime for a second season. Anime’s first season has just been aired. It’s pretty early for the new season confirmation. No official statement has been received so far. However, it is possible to speculate about the new season based on some factors. Our main criteria will be popularity, disc sales, manga status, etc.

Manga status of the anime (source material)

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, anime is the TV adaptation of the manga series written and illustrated by Kenjiro Hata. The manga series, which started airing on Weekly Shōnen Sunday on February 14, 2018, is still ongoing. As of January 2021, the manga series, consisting of 14 volumes, has a new volume every two months on average. In addition, Viz Media publishes the manga series in English.

The active release of the manga is good news for the anime series. The anime’s first season only covered 4 volumes. The source material has already accumulated for at least two more seasons. There is no problem based on source material to create a new season of the series. Meanwhile, the story expands considerably after the 5th volume in the manga series. A possible second season will be much more exciting than the first.

Popularity and Disc Sales (BluRay and DVD)

Disc sales are an important criterion for anime creators to earn financial income. In general, if an anime’s disc sales are over 5,000, a second season would be pretty promising. However, it is not possible to comment on the disc sales for TONIKAWA right now. Anime’s disc will be released on February 16, 2021. We will update this part of our article when updated information becomes available.

When we look at the popularity of other platforms, things are going very well. When we evaluate anime’s popularity based on Myanimelist, social media activities, and Google searches, we see that the anime gained huge popularity quickly. The anime’s popularity score is 81.7%, which is quite sufficient for a new season.

When is the release date of the second season?

The series has not yet been renewed for a second season, but the source material adequacy and rapidly rising popularity increase the second season’s odds. The critical disc sales have not been released yet; if things go well with the disc sales as well, there is no reason for the series not to have a second season. If a possible renewal comes, the second season can be on the screens in 2022 early.