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To Your Eternity Season 2 Release Date, Announced for 2022!

Although ‘To Your Eternity‘ is a fairly new fantasy anime, it managed to attract the attention of many anime lovers in a short time. Adapted from the manga written by Yoshitoki Ōima, which Kodansha has published since 2016, the anime series made its debut on April 12, 2021. Animated by Brain’s Base, known for popular anime like My Little Monster, To Your Eternity was originally broadcast weekly on NHK Educational TV. The first season, consisting of 20 episodes in total, was completed on August 30, 2021. The anime was also licensed by Crunchyroll and met with viewers from all over the world in English. A second season of the anime, which has reached a large fan base quickly, is now being wondered. So has the anime been renewed for a second season? What awaits us in a possible second season?

What is the Plotline of To Your Eternity?

to your eternity
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It, a mystical immortal being, descends to the Earth. This being, which has no feelings or self, can take any form it wants. Firstly, It becomes a white sphere, then a stone, then the moss on the stone. An injured lone wolf comes near the moss, and as the wolf is about to die, It takes the form of the wolf. It has finally regained consciousness, and while wandering through the empty tundra, he encounters a little boy living in an abandoned village. The boy lives alone in the village because the people of the village left long ago to explore the paradise behind the white sea. The child is waiting hopefully for people to come back. However, he is now in critical condition. As the child weakens, It takes the form of the child and thus begins a never-ending adventure of new experiences. Fushi travels the world hundreds of times; takes on different forms, discovering new powers such as creating objects out of nothing and resurrecting the dead. On one of his trips, Fushi helps a mysterious person clad in black. This person is even stronger than Fushi and introduces himself as the creator of Fushi.

Will there be a second season of To Your Eternity?

The anime’s first season finale premiered on August 30, 2021. On the same day, an announcement was shared on the anime’s official website delighted the fans. To Your Eternity has been renewed for a second season! The renewal news of a second season was also announced on the official broadcaster channel NHK’s Twitter account. Anime was one of the most liked anime of 2021. So much so that it is already 253rd in popularity rankings of Myanimelist. We see the potential of the anime, which stands out with its evaluations, to be among the top 100 anime.

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When will the second season air?

While the creators renewed the anime for the second season, they didn’t hesitate to share the release date period. The anime’s production time will take about a year, and the second season will air in Fall 2022 (Expected in October 2022). We hope there will be no delay. Although the number of episodes is not yet known, the second season is expected to consist of 20 episodes like the first season.

The anime’s ongoing manga has a total of 16 volumes, and the final volume was released on August 17, 2021. In the first season, the first 6 volumes were adapted into anime. Therefore, in the second season, the stories from the 7th volume will be adapted.

Manga adaptation rate


To Your Eternity is indisputable one of the best debuting anime of 2021. Adapted from the award-winning manga, the anime’s worldwide popularity can be easily seen in its Google search volume. So much so that anime is currently being searched as much as popular anime that have also managed to get new season approvals such as Goblin Slayer or Made in Abyss. If it maintains its current popularity, we think we will see more seasons. However, its popularity in Japan needs to increase in order to continue this success. The anime official Twitter account is currently only followed by 40k people, which shows that the popularity in Japan is not huge. Still, the worldwide popularity of anime is undeniable.

to your eternity season 2
2nd Season Chance of To Your Eternity
Release Date
Fall 2022
Popularity on Mynanimelist
Popularity on Social Media
Popularity on Google Searches
Perfect Reviews (8.44 on MA, 8.7 on IMDb)
Good Popularirty
Enough Manga Source Material Availability
Big Distributor such as HBO
Low Popularity in Japan

What will happen in Season 2?

At the end of season 1, we watched Pyoran die. Fushi painfully buried Pyoran’s body and decided to keep her name alive. In the future, we will watch Fushi live on the island again. While the Black Hood says that Fushi may have the power to recreate anything, Fushi believes it won’t happen before hundreds or even thousands of years. Fushi will isolate himself from everything because he doesn’t want to see any more deaths. For years, he will live in the sea in the form of small fish, creatures, and even feces. Although he misses and wonders about his friends after a while, he will not leave the island. The only thing that will cause Fushi to leave the island will be the attack of the Nokkers on the people around the island. On the island, he will meet a young girl named Hisame. This girl thinks she is the reincarnation of Hayase and believes that Fushi will protect her. The girl’s family is also obsessed with Fushi. One day, when Hisame’s arm attacks Fushi, it will be revealed that the Nokker core has passed into Hisame. That core can understand conversations. When Fushi goes to the place of the Nokker attack, he will realize that he is famous there thanks to the legend. The new danger is that different forces will try to seize Fushi here. When Fushi meets Tonari, he will not be able to recognize her due to her old age, and his fear of his loved ones’ death will push him to live alone again. Hisame will want to have a baby from Fushi. But things get weird as neither Fushi nor Hisame knows where the babies come from. Fushi will be even more confused when Hisame says that she learned from her mother that people need to sleep together to have a baby, but he has already slept with a lot of people! Fushi will continue to kill Nokkers for years to come. But despite Fushi’s intense efforts, the Nokker threat will still remain. It will be very difficult for Fushi that the Nokkers carry out massacres in places far from Fushi. Fushi will soon realize that he doesn’t want to go on without his friends.