The witcher season 2 release date

The Witcher Season 2 release date countdown, cast and trailer

The release date and details of the second season of The Witcher series written by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich are wondered. What will be the second season air date, cast, and plotline?

The video game The Witcher series developed by CD Projekt RED was transformed into a TV series last year. Of course, while saying this, one should not skip the actual story of the series that comes from its books. The production, which initially gained the excitement of the players who played its video game, raised great doubts as to whether it would later taste the same as the game. The audience, who was especially skeptical about Geralt’s character’s lead role selection, started to watch the series with excitement when he saw Henry Cavill’s success in this role. The series started broadcasting on Netflix last year with the episode The End’s Beginning and completed its first season after episode 8, Much More. As we are accustomed to on Netflix, all episodes of the series were published in one go in December. The second season’s episodes of the series will also be broadcast together as we are used to.

Will there be a second season of The Witcher (TV Series)?

The answer is yes, the series has already been renewed for its second season. According to the official announcement published on Twitter by Netflix, the series will definitely be released with its second season.

What will be the plotline of the second season of The Witcher?

The production is not about stories in the game series. The Netflix series was built on The Last Wish, the Last Wish, which is about the youth of Geralt and is one of the origin stories in the books. In addition, the series contains pieces from the sequel, Blood of Elves.

The scenario for the second season has already been completed. The second season will mostly follow the book, Elves’ Blood. As the events deepen after the meeting of Ciri and Geralt, Yennefer will also struggle.

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Yennefer and Ciri have not yet been linked and do not know each other. We think that in the second season, the ties of the characters will increase and a turbulent period will begin, especially for Yennefer and Geralt. In season 2, it would not be wrong to say that flashbacks will not be as much as in the first season and will progress in a more flat time.

Is there a trailer released for season 2?

So far, there is no trailer officially shared by the creators of Netflix. We think that the trailer can be shared towards the end of the year since the series has not been edited yet.

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What will be the air date of The Witcher Season 2?

As Netflix and its creators stated, the series will not broadcast in 2020. The shooting of the series was foreseen to take a year. Considering that the shooting started the last February and the 2-month Covid19 delay caused by the series, we think it will be possible to publish it in the summer months.

Who will in the cast of season 2?

Henry Cavill as the main character of the series, Rivian Geralt, Anya Chalotra as wizard Yennefer, Freya Allan as Ciri, and Joey Batey as Jackie for the second season again. In the new season, names like Kristofer Hivju and Yasen Atour will join them.

How many episodes we will see for 2nd season?

The second season of the series, which scripts are completed and shootings will take 1 year, will consist of 8 episodes and will be published on Netflix.