The Suicide Squad 2: Release date, All Characters (Cast), Trailer

The second movie of the Suicide Squad series has long been awaited. After the release date of the movie was announced, it was finally determined who was added to the cast and who would continue the series from the previous movie. We have collected the stories of Suicide Squad characters and other details about the series for you.

When will The Suicide Squad 2 come out?

Suicide Squad’s second highly anticipated movie will meet its fans on August 6, 2021. The cast of the highly anticipated movie has finally been finalized and the cast and characters of Suicide Squad 2 were introduced one by one at the panel held by DC Fandom. The second movie of the series is directed by James Gunn, whom we know with the “Guardians of the Galaxy” series.

Written by James Gunn and John Ostrander, the story of the series is based on DC Comics, as you know. The movie will be released by Warner Bros.

The cast of the new movie and its Characters

The cast of the series has been completely clarified, no change is expected in the cast of the film, which will begin shooting. We hope that without any delay, everything goes well and we can watch the movie on the date set.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Margot Robbie

Actor: Margot Robbie

Suicide Squad queen Harley Quinn has a very interesting history with her colorful hair and baseball bat in hand. Harleen Frances Quinzel, one of Gotham University’s most successful students, was assigned to treat the Joker while working as a trainee psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum.

While trying to cure the Joker, Harley, who looks more like him, falls in love with the Joker and helps him escape from the hospital. After Harley realizes that his love has not been repaid and the Joker is using him, he turns his love into hate and begins to use his evil to defeat the Joker.

Although we see a Harley Quinn in the movie who fell in love with the Joker and couldn’t double what she said, the reality is a little different in the comics. The two actually have a highly toxic relationship, and they’re both trying to kill each other as best they can.

Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang Jai Courtney

Actor: Jai Courtney

Born and raised in poverty and misery, George Harkness learns about evil as a child and starts using boomerangs for weapons when he is younger. After moving to America, he is involved in a great jewelry robbery, and thus his name begins to be heard slowly.

George Harkness, with 98 robberies and 54 attacks, makes himself known as a real villain and earns the title of Captain Boomerang. After a while, he is forced to join the Suicide Squad team to be used in government affairs.

Rick Flagg

Rick Flagg Joel Kinnaman

Actor: Joel Kinnaman

Rick Flagg, who we are familiar with from the first movie, will appear in the Suicide Squad team in the second movie of the series. Flagg, a former U.S. special forces officer, is one of the names added to Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller to fight for the state.

Amanda Waller

Amanda Waller Viola Davis

Actor: Viola Davis

Amanda Waller is someone who has sworn to protect her state by establishing Suicide Squad, which is politically and with the state. Waller creates a Suicide Squad, one of the country’s notorious criminals, to take care of the state affairs, and due to the nature of this business, he treats this team extremely harsh and cruel.

Waller puts bombs on the heads of the criminals that he gets out of prison and explains his new mission and goals, and if they do not obey the so-called criminals, these bombs are detonated. The name of the gang comes from here.


Peacemaker John Cena

Actor: John Cena

John Cena, who will appear in the role of Peacemaker, will play a diplomat who has lost his mind with peace in the world and uses his superhero powers to defeat evil.


Bloodsport Idris Elba

Actor: Idris Elba

Distracted by his brother’s injury after the Vietnam war, Bloodsport uses the teleport machine as a weapon and kryptonite bullets, the only substance that can harm Superman.


Thinker Peter Capaldi

Actor: Peter Capaldi

You may be familiar with the character of Thinker, one of the notorious villains of the DC universe, from season 4 of The Flash. Thinker, who had the power of telekinesis thanks to his thought title, was one of the forcibly added names to the Suicide Squad team and after joining the team he tried to kill both Oracle and Amanda Waller.


Javelin Flula Borg

Actor: Flula Borg

Although Javelin used to be an athlete who excelled in the Olympics, over time he chose the bad side for unknown reasons and starts working to make his abilities evil. Known for throwing spears that he specially designed, Javelin agreed to join the Suicide Squad team to wipe out their crimes.


Mongal Mayling Ng

Actor: Mayling Ng

Mongal, daughter of Mongul, an alien killing machine, is in the DC universe as one of the fierce warriors just like her children. We will all see what adventures await Mongal, who is extremely cunning and powerful, in Suicide Squad.

King Shark

King Shark Steve Agee

Actor: Steve Agee

King Shark, aka Nanaue, is a shark with a humanoid structure and one of the worst characters in the DC universe. Feeding on people, Nanaue has been blamed for the many people lost in the ocean in Hawaii. For now, it is a matter of curiosity what benefit the character will benefit Suicide Squad.


Ratcatcher Daniela Melchior

Actor: Daniela Melchior

The inclusion of Ratcatcher, whose name we cannot hear anywhere except in the comic book, was an extremely surprise for the film’s fans. Ratcatcher, who has the power to control mice, is one of the notorious criminals who use his superpowers for evil purposes such as robbery.

Polka-Dot Man

Polka-Dot Man David Dastmalchian

Actor: David Dastmalchian

One of Batman’s main enemies, whose costume is equipped with weapons in the form of dots. Abner Krill, extremely uncomfortable with Batman’s presence in Gotham City, prefers to fight on the bad side and prepares a costume made of many dots for him. Each of the dots on his costume can be used as a weapon for different purposes.


Savant Michael Rooker

Actor: Michael Rooker

Savant settles in Gotham City after acquiring a great legacy. After being discouraged by Batman, he begins to use his interest in the computer to blackmail people.

Sol Soria

Alice Braga

Actor: Alice Braga

There is no clear information about the character yet. The character is presumed to be a South American rebel. Also she could be the female version of Juan Soria, who can unlock anything that Sol Soria touches.

Arm Fall off Boy (TDK)

Arm Fall off Boy Nathan Fillion

Actor: Nathan Fillion

TDK, which made everyone happy with the addition of the second movie of the Suicide Squad series, is indeed a funny superhero. The TDK can detach its arms from its body at any time and beat its enemies to death with their separated arms. It seems that having a character who suddenly cuts off his arms in a serious environment will add color to Suicide Squad.


Blackguard Pete Davidson

Actor: Pete Davidson

Mentally ill Dick Hertz is armed by an unknown criminal organization and assumes the title of Blackguard. Regularly beaten by Booster Gold, Blackguard is one of the villains who tries to do every evil that the suspected criminal organization points to as a target.

Is there a trailer of the new movie: The Suicide Squad 2?

An official sneek peek video has been released for the new movie of the series. You can watch the promotional video below, which includes sections from the actors’ interviews and shootings.

Stay tuned for updates on the movie.


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