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The Serpent Season 2 Release Date, Renewed or Cancelled?

The Serpent is a British series first broadcast by BBC One and Netflix on January 1, 2021. The series, which consists average of 1 hour-long 8 episodes, is in the genre of crime and drama. One of the directors of the series is Tom Shankland, whom we are familiar with from films such as Broken Mirror, No Night Is Too Long, WAZ, and The Children. The script was written by Richard Warlow and Toby Finlay. The original content of BBC One, The Serpent, is produced by Stephan Smallwood and distributed by Mammoth Screen. The series was shot in Bangkok and London. The series cast includes names such as Tahar Rahim, Jenna Coleman, Ellie Bamber, Billy Howle, Tim McInnerny, Amesh Edireweera, İlker Kaleli, and Chicha Amatayakul. The production had a score of 7.6 on IMDb with the votes of 35 thousand people. Even the series trailer was watched by hundreds of thousands of people when it was first published. No wonder this enthusiastic fan base is wondering if The Serpent season 2 will be out soon. Here is all we know…

What is the Plotline of The Serpent?

the serpent
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Based on true events, The Serpent tells the story of a serial killer who chases after Western tourists in Southeast Asia in the 1970s. Charles Sobhraj is responsible for the murders of 20 wanderers traveling to various countries in Southeast Asia. We begin the series in 1975 in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Herman Knippenberg, a young diplomat, working in the country on behalf of the Netherlands, begins to search for a couple who disappeared with the support of his wife Angela and who was last seen in the apartment where diamond merchant Charles Sobhraj lived. Throughout the show, we follow the story of Sobhraj, who is accused of hunting and killing young female travelers. Sobhraj, who was the prime suspect in the unsolved murders of young western tourists on the ‘Hippie Road’ of India, Thailand, and Nepal in 1975 and 1976, manipulated and used them in his own crimes by gaining their trust in various ways, constantly traveling with fake passports, especially in the diamond roguery. Being a man who commits fraud in many ways, he had been one of Interpol’s most wanted men with arrest warrants on three different continents. Diplomat Knippenberg’s search on Sobhraj immerses him in a protracted mess that will lead to multiple countries and deaths.

Will there be a Second Season of The Serpent?

Although Netflix normally approves its hit productions for new seasons, the first season of The Serpent ends by announcing that Sobhraj is currently on the service, showing that the whole story was covered in the first iteration. Since the series is based on a true story and we are almost at the end of Charles Sobhraj’s story, it is thought that the show won’t receive a second season’s approval. It looks like we have come to the end of The Serpent unless Sobhraj escapes again. The show could become an anthology series and focus on another killer with a similar story, but that seems unlikely at the moment. The most likely scenario would be to turn the series into a Netflix documentary and tell the details that the story left unanswered. The release of this documentary also won’t happen before 2023, given the time it takes to collect data, interview, and adjusting agreements.

At the moment, there are no plans for The Serpent Season 2 by Netflix or BBC One, and it doesn’t look like a new episode will arrive in 2021. Stay tuned for new developments about the show and much more.

Who is The Serpent’s Charles Sobhraj in Real Life?

Charles Sobhraj is a French burglar, fraud, and serial killer. At least 10 of the murders are believed to have been committed in Thailand, Nepal, and India. Many of his victims were young tourists traveling the world with limited money. Why Charles Sobhraj targeted or hated hippies have not been given a clear answer. Although he was later caught, he always charged interviews about his life and tacitly answered questions about the murders. It was claimed that he received 5 million dollars from an interview. It is thought that he made a fortune thanks to his bad reputation. In the book published by Richard Neville and Julie Clarke in 1979, he made statements that brag about the murders he committed. However, he said he would deny these confessions if he went to court. One of his expressions stated that he had never killed good people. Charles Sobhraj has not been tried for many of the crimes he is thought to have committed in his lifetime.