The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Season 2 Release date, Plot

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch‘ TV Series explores paranormal activity in the area which has the same name as the series. The series, which premiered on the History Channel on March 31, completed its first season. The series is available to watch on Philo platform as well. The second season of the TV show, which made the season finale with the episode “Revelations” broadcast on June 2, is curious. When will the series have a second season?

Throughout history, the existence of aliens has always been a matter of debate. It has been talked about that many buildings in history cannot be built with human power and are associated with aliens. There is a place known as the 51st Zone and where alien activities are thought to be carried out. However, all of these are still a veil of secrets now. Skinwalker Ranch in Utah is another location in the United States that many people think is hosting supernatural events. In this region, events such as flashing lights in the sky and encounters with strange creatures have been reported throughout history.

What is the plot of ‘The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch’?

The Skinwalker Ranch has been defined as a UFO zone since the 1950s. Strange events and supernatural landscapes have been brought into the media over the years. As we watched from a similar product, we see abundantly injured or dead animal bodies in this series.

Robert Bigelow, a wealthy businessman, bought a house in this area 24 years ago. The research findings of the businessman who started the experiments and studies were never made public. Three years ago, the property owned by a wealthy businessman was sold to a real estate agent and technology investor. A team was assigned to investigate this area.

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch season 2

The shocking discoveries made come to light for the first time. Researches are made using technology to the fullest and reflected on the screen. The series will deepen its research in the second season and will appear before the audience with more striking reports.

Will there be a second season of the series?

History Channel has not been renewed for the second season of the series so far. The series, which has not yet caught enough popularity worldwide, still has a fan base. We think that the series, which has enough ratings on the History Channel, will have a second season. Of course, this is just a guess. We will wait for the series to be renewed for a clear decision. If the series is renewed, a new season will come out in the spring of 2021.

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Is there a trailer for the second season?

The second season of the series has not yet been renewed. In this case, it does not seem possible to see a trailer for the second season. We will share it with you when it is published. Stay tuned for renewal announcements and upcoming news.

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  1. Beatrice Marie Dvorak
    Beatrice Marie Dvorak

    Can’t wait for the second season of The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch

  2. Wow is all I can say! Glowing ridges and light beams observed at night – Structured UFO captured on film – Cattle dying that predators won’t eat – Thomas and Travis injured from dramatic focused frequency shifts – Constant electromagnetic interference of equipment and batteries – Weather balloon loaded with GPS equipment disappearing without a trace – The list of anomalies goes on. Can’t wait for season 2 . Poke the ranch and the ranch pokes back. Amazing.

  3. It’s time to bring the show back for Season 2, 3, 4..and so on. We know more technology was added to capture stuff. We know there are crop circles. We know there are Beings in Ships flying around. The Public wants to know MORE. Let’s gooooooooooo! Let’s put an End to Organized Religious Cults and get the Truth out to the masses.

  4. There’s toxic waste under that ranch, that’s why there’s no season 2. they were about to dig up radioactive barrels and that was probably why it got cancelled.

  5. Please renew The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. I love this show and so does my husband. We need to find out what happens when they start digging up to find out what is underneath the ground and what they find out about the UFO’s.

  6. This series is the most compelling of its kind. It’s a genuine and intense analysis of unexplained phenomena across all boundaries. The investigation and exploration in progress may well be of profound importance. Looking forward, with many other viewers, to the next season.

    • I have a place in Fruitland Utah. I have the same things going on there. Lots of military, weird lights and a rock bunker. I believe these activities are everywhere, right under our feet. Scary how many camera’s and cell towers we have.

  7. Paranormal activities have always attracted my attention. This is the first time I’ve watched a production on this subject. I hope it will have a second season. If there are other TV shows like this, and if I don’t know, it’s sad.

    • Want more weird, spend the night at my cabin in Fruitland, Utah. I have experienced animals with no hair. Animals running in circles when a strange buzzing sound starts. I’ve had this place since 1989 and I could write a book.

      • Hey Shauna,

        I’ve always been interested in these things. As a kid growing up our “family vacations” were to alien conventions. For a while I was literally traumatized with fear. But since I’ve been doing my own research (10 years now) I can’t help but find common links in each phenomenon. Do you have any videos or stories you’d like to share?

      • The series is very intriguing, and I really hope for the 2nd season, but it seems chances are fading fast

  8. This is the most interesting show I have ever seen. Much better than Oak Island where they never find anything. It will be a great loss if they do not continue the show.

  9. We are in awe of all the people on skinwalker ranch they are really dedicated to finding answers. They keep us on the edge of our seats hope for a second season!

  10. Agree with the other comments. Very much looking forward to Season 2. Great show, with individuals with the expertise to conduct the research of the paranormal activity on Skinwalker Ranch.

  11. Most compelling show if it’s kind! Please renew!

  12. I believe the government shut them down.

    • I believe that the government shut them down too. They mentioned run ins with the government on one of the last episodes.

      • With all the new disclosure, wouldn’t it be nice if they allowed us to see the scientific tests that bring this ranch to life? Is there a way to see if they actually launched the satellite above the ranch? Please bring season 2 to us. We know you filmed it.
        Thank you.

  13. If the government hasn’t shut them down…? Please bring them back… very compelling! Love watching… I’m sure their following will grow given time. Great show – Thank you!

  14. I Want More! I am extremely interested in this show and would like to see more of the investigation. I believe that they are going to uncover more.

  15. We watched every episode and found it so interesting. We really hope it will continue.

  16. I also want the show to return. I’m fascinated by the evidence. I know there’s something out there. I also believe the government may have shut them down. Fingers crossed 🤞

  17. Can’t wait for the next season to be produced. Was very interesting and informative. PLEASE bring it back.

  18. A fabulous show! But how else could one tell a story like this?! Has ALL the UFO mystery components, including time warps! It sure beats digging every Tuesday nite. Postponement of gratification can just go on for so long? The bros have to go out, get real jobs, picking grapes, perhaps. HISTORY CHANNEL WAKE UP!

  19. I liked this show, if this program doesn’t continue then its true that the government got involved.

  20. Can’t wait for SeSon 2 of Skinwalker Ranch! Come on History Channel! This is a great show!

  21. There is a new show called The Mystery of Blindfrog Ranch and they are adjacent to Skinwalker Ranch. They have not experienced strange things happening there except animal mutilations. They have dug and nothing has happened out of the ordinary so I would like to seeSkinwalker Ranch come back for season 2 and get to the bottom of whatever is happening there. I thought that since it did not have a season 2 the government had stopped it.

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