Will there be a Season 2 of The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix?

One of the series that Netflix has released this year was The Queen’s Gambit. The series, which was broadcast on October 23, 2020, soon attracted great attention. Scott Frank and Allan Scott are the creators of American Drama that fully meets expectations. According to IMDb data, directed by Scott Frank, the production was one of the most valuable shows this year. The series aired seven episodes in total, and each episode was more successful than the other. Fans are curious about the details of the second season. Is season two possible, and when will it air?

Will there be a second season of The Queen’s Gambit?

Netflix has not yet renewed the series for the second season. Is such a thing possible? In a way, it’s a financial issue. If the broadcaster company orders a second season on this issue, such a thing is possible. However, just because it is possible does not mean that such a thing will happen. First of all, The Queen’s Gambit was planned as a mini TV series like many similar series that aired in a single season on Netflix, and a second season was not considered. When we examine the story, we see that there is no obstacle in front of the chess star, and there is no different subject to cover in the story. The series will not have a second season. Such a surprise is not expected.

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What is the plotline of The Queen’s Gambit?

Adapted from Walter Tevis’s novel of the same name published in 1983, The Queen’s Gambit tells a chess genius’s journey while making chess interesting for everyone. The mini-series, starring Anya Taylor-Joy (Emma, ​​Peaky Blinders), turns all the disadvantages that may arise from being a period story focusing on a slow-paced game like chess, one by one just as Elizabeth Harmon reversed her life, which started with tragedies, by directing her endless anger and obsessions to the right places.

the queen's gambit season 2

Our first meeting with Elizabeth Harmon, who, with her big eyes, will catch us deeply by looking into our eyes through close plans for seven episodes, took place in 1967, in the upturned hotel room in Paris. The character, which is evident from his every state of having an active night, swallows the sedative pills, which we will see many times during the series, and then rushes towards the chessboard.

When Anya Taylor-Joy’s performance combines with the character’s unending passion for chess and the immersive presentation of the tournament scenes, The Queen’s Gambit fascinates the audience with her main character. The series never misses the striking moments that keep its dramatic structure alive and thus offers a strong narrative. Despite the flaws in the story’s general structure, the audience envied the character’s superior talent and passion.

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