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The Minions of Midas Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Renewed?

Netflix‘s new miniseries The Minions of Midas was published on November 13, 2020, worldwide. The series was inspired by Jack London’s 8-page book of the same name written in 1901. Production by Mateo Gil and Miguel Barros; In the streets of Madrid, which we can call the dystopian world, he presents a story by mentioning the class differences experienced, the economic interests of people on each other, the state, and many similar concepts. A miniseries production consisting of 6 episodes; It includes crime, drama, and political genres.

Will there be a second season of the series?

Netflix has yet to green-light the series for a second season. Although the second season of the series’s expectations and speculation are high, it isn’t easy to see a second season. The series was titled as a limited series, and a second season plan was not made on Netflix, like dozens of miniseries released this year. But everything is financial. Netflix owns the broadcasting rights of the series. If it takes into account the interest of its fans and wants to extend the series for another season, we will be able to see a new season at the end of 2021.

The Minions of Midas Season 2 Plot

The Minions of Midas, one of the most popular Spanish TV series on Netflix, seems to continue in its second season in a very exciting way if the second will be possible. The adventure you will enter with the man who is the leading role of the series, who has rich and powerful networks, will fascinate you. In fact, it is said that the activities of the organization called Minions of Midas will increase in the second season of the series. This can be a really great opportunity for those who want to explore the inner dynamics of a real organization and get into a more sophisticated story.

the minions of midas

What will happen in the Second Season?

As the tension climbs a few steps further in the second season, it will really excite those who want to take a closer look at the lives of wealthy businessmen. Especially the charismatic character of Victor Genoves will excite almost all audiences. So far, Genoves has not faced a threat that the organization will hurt him. However, according to many people, such a threat is quite possible in the second season. Genoves, on the other hand, will have to continue to make conscientious accounting in the second season, and he will have to think in detail and decide what is right for him.

It is said that Genoves must pay periodically. If Genoves does not do this, the organization threatens to kill innocent individuals in Madrid. In order to prevent this from happening, we will continue to see that the charismatic character, who has entered both an ethical and a personal dilemma, begins to question life again.

How far can the blackmail Genoves face in his relationship with the organization go? What can blackmail do to a wealthy businessman? How many people could die in Madrid?

Who are in the cast of The Minions of Midas?

The leading role of the series is Luis Tosar, whom we watched in the movies Celda 211 and Mientras Duermes. The lead role will be accompanied by names such as Marta Milans, Marta Belmonte, Bea Segura, Carlos Blanco (Fariña, La Unidad), Guillermo Toledo, Adolfo Fernández, Pepe Ocio (Alta Mar) and Elena Irureta (Patria), whom we know from productions such as White Lines, El Embarcadero. .


Luis Tosar – Víctor Genovés
Marta Belmonte
Carlos Blanco
Marta Milans
Bea segura
Guillermo Toledo
Adolfo Fernández
Pepe Ocio