the last of us part 2 release date

The Last of Us Part II (PC) Release Date, Steam, All Rumors

Do you want to know every detail about one of the most played games on PS4? We know you have been checking about the release date of The Las of Us Part II. In this article, we will touch upon some details about The Last of Us series, and we also will be talking about the release date of part II for PC. Even if there are still questions are on the topic, there is a high possibility about The Last of Us Part II will be with us on the PC platform.

What Is The Last of Us Part II About?

Before we go into the details, we should warn you about this section might include some spoilers for you if have not played the game yet.
The Last of Part II has been taking a place five years after the first game. We remember that at the end of the first game, we saw that Joel took Ellie to the hospital. After that, Joel takes Ellie to a town where Joel’s brother has been. Out of this town zombies still exist and people from this town periodically go for a patrol. The Last of Us Part II includes many different kinds of zombies. While you are fighting against them, you will also see the two groups of people who are in a battle with each other; WLF and Scars. You are playing this game from the perspective of Ellie. We should remind you that you have to come up with decent strategies to achieve this game. Adapting to the conditions has great importance as well.

The job advertisement of Naughty Dog

It seems to be normal. After all, as a game developer, a game developer may have been looking for somebody to hire who has information about the development of games. But first of all, the advertisement includes the Picture of the main character of The Last of Us series, Ellie. Also, when you go into the details of this advertisement, you can see that the advertisement includes special details. PlayStation is working with the AMD display card. The advertisement specifies that the people who will be hired have also had a programming experience in NVIDIA. Also, in the advertisement, Naughty Dog is expecting to has programming experience in PC.

Besides, Naughty Dog expects job applicants to experience DirectX12, Vulkan, or other modern graphics processors and console or PC programming. This brings to mind the possibility that The Last of Us Part II may prepare the PC. Although some critics say that this job posting is for PlayStation 5 compatibility, looking at the required qualifications, it becomes clear that Naughty Dog wants The Last of Us Part II to run smoothly on every platform available.

The marketing strategy of Sony

Sony has a strategy that shows the gamers what they have been missing by marketing its contents in a computer format. In this case, Sony might have chosen a path to directing people to the PlayStation by letting them experience The Last of Us Part II. However, The Last of Us II is known as the highest sold game of Sony. This means that Sony gained huge amounts of money from this game. In this case, the company may want to increase its gain even more and follow a path to make this game available for the computer. Through this, it can be possible to see The Last of Us Part II on a computer platform. In addition to all of these, ensuring the consumers’ continuity comes from fulfilling their requests. From all around the world, there are thousands of people who are willing to see The Last of Us Part II on a computer. We thought that it is an important thought of Sony’s too.

When will we see The Last of Us Part II on PC?

Even if we do not know that The Last of Us Part two will be with us by our computers, we are glad to have such a possibility. We hope we can play this amazing game on our computers as soon as we can. There is not a clear explanation about the release date of The Last of Us Part II for the PC platform that has been announced by the Sony Company. But when we look at all of the reasons that we counted above, it might be sooner than we think.

We see that Sony is now focusing all its attention and strength on new generation console sales and PlayStation 5 special games, especially with the release of new generation consoles. For this reason, the news of the arrival of PS special games on PC seems to be delayed by the end of 2021. Even if The Last of Us series does not come to the PC completely, the fact that The Last of Us Part II is playable on PC will be the biggest cross-platform step taken by Sony. A game company needs to be able to offer different variations, especially in this period when cloud gaming is on the rise. We will be closely following the steps Sony will take in the upcoming period.