The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3

The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3: Release Date, Renewed

The Irregular at Magic High School is a popular action series that first met the readers as a novel in Japan in 2008 and was published by ASCII Media Works as a Light Novel between 2011 and 2020. The series, which has more than 10 million copies in circulation with its light novel, appeared before the audience on April 6, 2014, with its anime adaptation for the first time and attracted great attention. The anime’s first season was undertaken by Madhouse, which we know from popular animes such as No Game No Life and Overlord. The second season was animated by the Eight Bit studio, which we know with Tokyo Ravens. Licensed by Aniplex of America, the anime aired on multiple local channels in both seasons. It has also listed episodes of the anime on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix globally. The last season of the anime, which has a large fan base, was broadcast between October 4, 2020 – December 27, 2020. So what do we know so far about the third season of the anime? We have compiled all the known ones in the continuation of our article.

What is the Plotline of The Irregular at Magic High School?

Along with being used a lot in the past, magic has penetrated into today’s world a hundred years ago with the developing technology and has started to be used a lot, especially in the military field. Those with magic skills go to the National Magic Academy and graduate as magic technicians. However, in the entrance exam, their abilities are measured by both a written and a practical exam.

Tatsuya Shiba scores very high on the written exam but fails the practical exam. Although Tatsuya’s technical knowledge is very strong, his performing skills are not developed enough. For this reason, he becomes a second-class student at school, so he is sent to the Weed class. His sister, Shiba Miyuki, becomes a first-class student with her success in both of the exams and is sent to the Bloom class. Even though Miyuki opposes this classification, Tatsuya says it would be better this way and accepts the situation. But this class difference and privilege will also affect the relationship between the two siblings in the future. Also, not everyone in the country thinks magic is a good thing, and terrorist groups want to destroy ten magic academies across the country. But up against them is our main characters, who are immortal, extremely powerful, and constantly getting stronger.

The Irregular at Magic High School
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Will there be a third season of the anime?

On September 25, 2021, just after the second season release, the good news was released for the anime fans. The anime has been renewed for a third season! The anime’s third season won’t be a sequel. Inspired by the 8th volume of the Light Novel series, the new season will be a flashback season. Following the concept of the new season of the anime, it will appear in front of the audience with the title “The Irregular at Magic High School: Reminiscence Arc”.


The new season release date has yet to be clarified, but the creators have announced it as “Winter 2022.” Expectations are that it will meet with the audience in January 2022. The anime’s third season will be animated by the Eight Bit studio, just like the previous season. A teaser has also been released. You can watch the anime’s teaser for the new season below.


What can be the plotline of the third season?

At the end of the second season, we watched Tatsuya, and his friends fight the anti-magic group. We learned that The Advancement of Humanity Front is planning an explosive detonation at the offshore tower. Tatsuya, along with Miyuki and Minami, tried to prevent it from happening. Tatsuya repaired the almost-collapsed tower with magic. We also learned that it was Gide Hauge who caused the parasites on Earth. Miyuki finally revealed her feelings for Tatsuya, but she got a new assistant in the final episode.

The third season will be screened with the start of the new school year. Tatsuya is now a student at the Magical Engineering Cour. Miami is assigned as Miyuki’s guardian. The trouble-free school life is interrupted by the problems among the elite families. Izumi and Kasumi clash with the newly arrived student representative.

On the other hand, Zhou does not stay idle and expands his anti-magic activities, and includes the media in his plans. But Zhou’s plan is foiled when Tatsuya finds the basis for his new power source. Schools change the current rules and enter the competition again. The androids produced by the Kudo Clan create an obstacle to the Steeplechase event. School competition turns into a war. Zhou travels to Kyoto to reach an old traditionalist magic society. This year’s National High School Magic Thesis Competition will also be held in Kyoto. Yotsuba is on the verge of making an important decision. He has to choose the next leader of the clan. Miyuki realizes that she cannot marry Tatsuya if she becomes the leader. But if she becomes president, her brother will be free. In this dilemma, Miyuki struggles with how to plan everything. On New Year’s Eve 2096, things take a turn when Maya tells Tatsuya that Miyuki is not his sister.