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The God of High School Season 2 Release Date, All You Need to Know!

The God of High School is an anime series with many supernatural and comedy elements. Adapted from a manga series, the anime is licensed by Crunchyroll. Actually, it wouldn’t be right to call it manga. The anime is adapted from a manhwa, a Korean manga. Originally aired on Tokyo MX, AT-X channels, the anime also aired on HBO Max. The anime, which started broadcasting on July 6, 2020, completed its first season on September 28, 2020, with its 13th episode named “GOD / GOD”. It is animated by beloved Japanese studio MAPPA, also the animator of Dorohedoro, and Attack on Titan. The anime with an above-average score of 7.6 on IMDb also gets positive reviews from critics. Fans of the series are now worried about the second season. Will there be a second season of the series? When will it be released?

What is the plotline of the anime?

the god of high school

It all started with the fighting tournament to find the strongest fighter of all high schools in Korea. Mori Jin, a taekwondo expert and high school student, soon learns that something much bigger lies beneath the tournament scene. The God of high school is about three young Korean contestants who climbed to the top in a worldwide martial arts tournament. Fans of fight scenes will love this anime. The God of High School knows its audience is here to see jaw-dropping fight scenes. The random chibi and pixel art moments in the last minutes of Mori and Daewi’s final match were spectacular. The quality of the music and drawings was almost the answer to what the shounen anime viewers wanted to see.

Will there be a second season of GOHS?

As of September 4, 2022,  at the time of writing, the series has not yet been renewed for a second season. The God of High School anime just aired in 2020, and the lack of renewal still shouldn’t worry you, because animes’ new season can take a long time to be confirmed. This is usually the case. Based on some main factors, we can say whether the series will have a second season or not. We think there will be a second season of the series. So why do we feel so?

The God of High School anime has above-average reviews so far, but more importantly, it has a good viewership. According to Myanimelist data, anime is the 189th most popular anime of all time, and this ranking is quite good compared to an anime released in 2020. We can see parallel results on similar platforms and Google searches. The official Twitter account is currently followed by about 77k people at the time of writing. We see that the series with over 100k followers usually do not have much trouble in getting approval for the new season. Popularity is what an anime needs most for a new season confirmation.

As you can see in the chart below, the popularity of the anime on Twitter is quite similar to that of Masamune Kun No Revenge or Bofuri, and these two anime managed to get approval for a second season and their followers are now waiting for its second season to air.

Anime with similar followers

MAPPA, a succesful studio

It should be said that the MAPPA studio can also provide stability in its productions. They are a large-capacity studio that can take part in many small and large productions at the same time. On February 12, 2022, one of the studio’s productions, Jujutsu Kaisen, managed to get approval for a new season. We think that the studio, which has also been involved in anime such as Attack on Titan, will not say no to a new season of The God of High School, one of the valuable projects in its hands.


As we said before, although the series is not based on manga, it is a manhwa (Korean manga) adaptation. The manhwa series created by Yongje Park is broadcast on Webtoons. There are 526 chapters published since 2011 at the time of writing. Currently, the source material is enough for even more seasons of The God of High School.


When is the second season of GOHS anime?

At the time of writing, official channels remain silent about the second season of The God of High School. Since the official data is not yet sufficient, we assessed whether there will be a new season of the anime, considering the main factors such as source material availability and popularity. As a result of our evaluation, the possibility of a new season of anime seems higher than many anime waiting for it. The anime is one of the most valuable anime of MAPPA. It looks that MAPPA will be very busy in 2022 and 2023 with anime series such as Attack on Titan 2nd Part, Dance Dance Danseur, and Chainsaw Man, which are already confirmed. The best expectation for the new season of GOHS will be late 2023. Stay tuned.

Who are the characters of The God of High School?


We do not expect changes in the characters and voice actors in the series’s possible second season. The series’s English voices are made by voice actors such as Robbie Daymond, Sean Chiplock, and Veronica Taylor. Let’s remember the characters.

Jin Mori

Carefree, friendly, and self-proclaimed “Tough guy”, Mo-Ri enters the GOH tournament to fight strong opponents and reunite with her grandfather Tejin.

Han Dei

Dei begins the series as a hard-working teenager trying to pay his best friend’s hospital bill for terminal cancer. After being invited to the GOH tournament, he joins his friend to cure his illness.

Yu Mira

Initially participates in the GOH Tournament to fulfill the school’s desire to find a suitable husband to continue the bloodline.

Paku Irupyo

Irupyo attended the tournament to wish his cousin recovering, who was injured during a martial arts competition against Jegaru Teku.

Peku Sunchoru

An 18-year-old player is participating in the God of High School tournament using a metal baseball bat as a weapon. Sunchoru possesses genius intelligence and the highest level of physical conditioning.

Blood Mansoku

Manseok is a violent street thug with a sadistic streak that must be restrained by wearing a straitjacket and heavy pants.

Ko Kando

His role in the story is significantly reduced, but he has been seen to specialize in traditional medicine and help heroes in later arcs.

Jegaru Teku

Sold as a baby by his mother to be the heir to the chairman of a large company, he grew up with the philosophy of “Might is right”.

Jin Tejin

Probably the most potent True Fighter in the series, Tejin is strong enough to defeat the gods using his unique fighting skills easily.

Paku Mujin

Manhwa’s main enemy. The member of the National Assembly of Korea is the person in charge of the High School God tournament. In the series, Mujin acts like a brain by making plans to gain the power to create a new world.