The Expanse Season 5 Release date, Cast and Plot

First of all, we can relax the fans by saying that Amazon’s popular series The Expanse has been renewed for season 5. There was no doubt that this would happen, considering the ratings of the series. However, other questions in mind are when the new season of the series will come out and what the 5th season plotline will be.

The first there season of the series was published Syfy and then “The Expanse” was officially transferred to Amazon, with the announcement made by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos. Amazon gave the approval of the 5th season after the 4th season, which met the audience on 13 December 2019 as well. The series with a score of 8.4 in IMDB is among the best space science fiction productions ever.

According to the news, which was learned by Shohreh Aghdashloo, who played the United Nations secretary Avasarala, the shooting of the new season began in October just before the fourth season was published.

the expanse 5th season

It is stated that the shooting ends mostly but slowed down a bit during the editing stage due to the COVID-19 outbreak. From here, we can make inferences that there are no pandemic problems at least in the shooting phase and there will not be a big delay in the release of the new season of The Expanse.

The Expanse season 5 plot and details

As you know, The Expanse season 4 get inspired by James S. A. Corey Un’s famous novel, Cibola Burn. The upcoming season will also contain details from the same novel and will also be influenced by the same author’s book Nemesis Games.

According to the book, next season will show an interplanetary land rush, the old power structures collapse and the Rocinante try to get home. Otherwise, with the power once held by Earth and Mars finally breaking down as many people leave for the Ring Gates. In the next season Naomi’s history chases her, Alex meets with his wife on Mars, and Amos returns back to Earth.

Glenton Richards who is the writer assistant of the series excited the audience by stating that the new season looks so good.

Release date of the 5th season of The Expanse

As we mentioned earlier, it has been completed that the series shootings and will be published when the edit is completed. So far, there is no official date that has been released yet but strong predictions show that the 5th season of The expanse will meet the audience in the beginning of 2021. There is no official trailer that is released due to season 5 yet.

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Who will be in the cast of the 5th season of The Expanse?

the expanse cast

Lyndie Greenwood (Sleepy Hollow), Rosa Gilmore (The Other Two), Keon Alexander (Tyrant) and Jess Salgueiro (Saving Hope) were included in the fourth season.

We also expect to see in next season the regular names as: Thomas Jane (Joe Miller), Steven Strait (James Holden), Cas Anvar (Alex Kamal), Dominique Tipper (Naomi Nagata), Wes Chatham (Amis Burton), Paulo Costanzo (Shed Garvey), Florence Faivre (Julie Mao), Shawn Doyle (Sadavir Errinwright), Shohreh Aghdashloo (Chrisjen Avasarala)

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