The Boys Season 3 Release Date on Amazon Prime, Cast, Plot

Adapted from Darick Robertson & Garth Ennis’ graphic novel of the same name and won great acclaim with its first season last year, The Boys, the Amazon Prime series, wrapped up its second season on October 9. Amazon, which has broadcast the first season, has decided to broadcast the episodes weekly after the first three episodes. It was a perfectly logical decision to air episodes of Amazon Prime’s most popular series, The Boys, weekly. Thus, it contributed to the series reaching a wider audience. The series has now managed to gain fan bases from all over the world. The series with a high score of 8.7 on IMDb received 9.6 points from the users with the episode “What I Know”, the second season finale. The second season of the series, which scored 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, also gets passing grades from the critics. After the second season of the series, fans are curious about the details of the third season. When will the 3rd season of The Boys air on Amazon Prime?

What happened on the TV Series: The Boys so far?

In Season 1, The Boys team, which rises/formed against the superheroes who destroyed the world more than protect the world, was the subject of the series, while The Boys, showing a corrupt side of America’s “Avengers” The Seven, in the second season. It takes shape in a direction similar to the story of escape. Although it is obvious that a little time has passed between the first season finale and the start of the second season, the story largely continues from where it left off. This presents a natural harmony in terms of the progress of the script.

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Need 7 for The Seven: Stormfront

The search for a member of The Seven team, which fell 6 people with Translucent’s death in the first season, starts at the beginning of the season. He is distracted by the necessity and responsibility of being in charge of the Homelander team, who lost himself with the death of Madelyn Stillwell. This naturally causes the desire to remove the unpleasantness in both the media and the group, to make them their own The Seven again. Our series, which is quite frank and wild, is watching in horror at this point as Homelander emphasizes the difference between a superhero and a good superhero.

At this point, a new member joins The Seven, an important asset of Vought. This person is Stormfront, which we see in the trailers. Stormfront, a very humorous and social media lover (!), Seems to be a good person to Starlight and us at first, but as we approach the season finale, it does not look like that. To say more would be to enter the spoiler zone, but we can say that Stormfront’s arrival in season 2 made Eric Kripke’s superhero franchise even more ambitious and more successful.

Is the Boys Season 3 renewed by Amazon Prime? When will it air?

The series will certainly have a new season. Series creator Eric Kripke hopes to begin filming Season 3 in early 2021. But he says it depends on the pandemic situation. The new season, in which Jensen Ackles (Character Dean on Supernatural) will also find, will meet with the audience in the autumn of 2021 if everything goes well.

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Is there a trailer for season 3?

the boys shooting

The third season trailer of the series has not been released yet. It doesn’t seem possible to see a new trailer before shooting has started yet. The second season trailer was released exactly one month before the season aired. You can watch it below to remember. We will be able to see a new season trailer in the summer of 2021 at the earliest.

Who will be in the cast of The Boys Season 3?

There will be new names to join the cast of the series. However, we do not expect a radical change in the main cast of the series. For now, it has been announced that Jensen Ackles will be participating in the series.

Karl Urban as  Billy Butcher
Jack Quaid as  Hughie Campbell
Antony Starr as  Homelander
Erin Moriarty as  Annie January
Dominique McElligott as  Queen Maeve
Jessie T. Usher as  A-Train
Laz Alonso as  Mother’s Milk
Chace Crawford as  The Deep
Tomer Capon as  Frenchie
Karen Fukuhara as  Kimiko Miyashiro
Nathan Mitchell as  Black Noir
Colby Minifie as  Ashley Barrett

and Jensen Ackles

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  1. They reflected things that we haven’t watched and thought until this time. How bad can a superhero be? Or is he not a superhero but a slave of the capitalist system? I’m looking forward to watching season 3.

  2. We were tired of Marvel now. Someone had to take this superhero topic and do something smarter. They did it, and it was great. The series was so realistic about superheroes that people are surprised by this situation. It was one of the best TV series I’ve seen in the last year. I hope the third season will be as good as the other seasons.

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