Teasing Master Takagi-san Season 3

Teasing Master Takagi-san Season 3 Release Date, Netflix Renewal

Teasing Master Takagi-san is an anime in the genre of romantic comedy and a slice of life that warm you up. The anime, which was first released in 2018, was licensed by Netflix a year later and appeared again for the second season. The series has a previous. Many viewers got to know the series through its anime, but the anime is inspired by Sōichirō Yamamoto’s manga of the same name, which has been released since 2013. Shin-Ei Animation Studio, which we know from “The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?“, acts as the creative studio of the series. The second season of the anime was broadcast on local networks and Netflix in Japan from July 7, 2019, to September 22, 2019. After Season 2, which took place globally on Netflix on December 6, 2019, fans are now waiting for the third season. So will the anime have a third season?

What is the plotline of Takagi-san?

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Teasing Master Takagi-san is a fun manga adaptation anime series where not every episode is clearly linked. Takagi and Nishikata are in the same grade in junior high school and seats next to each other. Takagi actually loves Nishikata but often teases Nishikata and enjoys watching his reaction. Nishikata also fights against her, but he never succeeds. Day after day, he tries to mock her in different ways, but on the contrary, Takagi-san makes fun of him every time. Will Nishikata be able to fry Takagi-san one day?

Will there be a third season of Teasing Master Takagi-san?

Anime delighted its fans with the second season’s approval. However, neither Shin-Ei Animation, manga publisher Shogakukan, or any related company has yet to renew the anime for a third season. ‘Crayon Shin-chan’ and ‘Doraemon: Nobita’s Little Star Wars 2021’ appear in the studio’s plans for 2021, but there is no plan for Takagi-san yet. Sometimes it can take years for an anime to renew for a new season. We will speculate about a new season of the anime, evaluating some key factors. The important factors we mentioned are manga status, popularity, disc sales, etc.

Manga status of the anime

The most important one of the key factors we mentioned above is the manga status. Teasing Master Takagi-san is a manga adaptation, and if the manga doesn’t provide enough source material, it’s almost impossible to see a new season. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the manga of the series was written and illustrated by Sōichirō Yamamoto. The manga series published by Shogakukan, just like Tonikawa, has been airing since June 12, 2013. The manga series reached 15 volumes in total, with the last volume was published on February 12, 2021. A total of 10 volumes were adapted in the first and second seasons of the anime. The remaining 5 volumes are considered sufficient for the third season, albeit barely. Perhaps the producers may need a few more volumes for a new season. However, as the manga series is still ongoing, stock material will be sufficient anyway.

Disc sales of the anime

The first season of “Teasing Master Takagi-san” was a great success. Despite being a late-night anime in Japan, it achieved a high audience rate. Blu-ray and DVD sales were also strong. The first season consisted of a total of 6 volumes, with an average of about 5,000 sold. Overall, the sales figures secured the possibility of a new season, and the result was the new season confirmation as expected.

In addition, the anime also affected original manga sales. The cumulative circulation was 2.5 million just before the animation was released, while the total circulation at the time of broadcast in February 2018 exceeded 4 million, and in July 2018, it exceeded 5 million.

What about the second season? Usually, an anime is expected to sell 4,000 discs to get a new season confirmation. The disks were released a few days before the final episode of the anime’s second season broadcast. It was good timing, but it didn’t hit as much as the first period, and each of the six volumes was about 3000 copies. Even it is not too bad; there is a possibility that the production committee’s decision will be in the red with this number of discs sold.

Other Revenues (Games, Exclusive Distributors)

In recent years, the anime decision committee’s decisions are not just about anime disc sales. In particular, game productions provide extra revenue to create a new season of anime. Also, exclusive distributors also ensure that the anime generates additional revenue. Netflix invests up to 1 trillion yen a year to obtain exclusive streaming rights. We know that the production committee of “Teasing Master Takagi-san” sold its exclusive distribution right to Netflix. Netflix’s acquisition of the license rights in the second season strengthens the possibilities for a third season of the anime.

In the meanwhile, a project called “Teasing Master Takagi-san VR” was announced in September 2019. “Teasing Master Takagi-san VR” was a new generation animation that lets you see Takagi-san from the perspective of the main character Nishikata. Crowdfunding was carried out to produce this “Teasing Master Takagi-san VR”. The target set was 15 million yen, but the final support amount was 12 million yen, and the target amount could not be reached.

Is popularity enough to see a new season?

Although disc sales did not go well for the second season, the anime has overseas popularity. As you can see in our anime list, Teasing Master Takagi-san’s popularity score is 86.2%. This score shows how popular the anime is on social media and google searches. Netflix has a great impact on its worldwide popularity. Given the current popularity, it will likely be a third season of the anime.

When will Teasing Master Takagi-san Season 3 Air?

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san Season 3 has not yet been confirmed. We have speculated above about the third season of the anime. To summarize, the current popularity and the continuation of the manga and enough stock material may allow us to see a new season. Although the disc sales were not good in the second season, the Netflix license closes this difference. We think the anime will have a third season. As soon as official information is available, we will keep our ears open to sharing it with you. Based on predictions, a few manga volumes are still needed for a new season of the anime. Also considering the average production time of 1 year, a new anime season may be on the screens at the end of 2022. Till then, we recommend Senryu Girl and Tonikaku Kawaii anime series in the romantic comedy and slice of life genre.