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Stolen Away (Perdida) Season 2 Release Date on Netflix, Plot

Stolen Away, published in the thriller, crime, and mystery genre, has broadcast its first season on Netflix with 11 episodes, and it really rocked the fans’ minds! Produced by Atresmedia, the production was released under the direction of Iñaki Peñafiel. Originally broadcast on Antena 3 in Spain weekly from 14 January to 24 March 2020. Later, the production, which was presented to viewers worldwide on Netflix, gained viewers from all over the world. So how were the first season reviews of the series? Has the series been renewed for a second season?

What we can see in Stolen Away Season 2?

According to estimates, the plot of the second season and the excitement of the story will really fascinate everyone! In the first season of the series, we encountered constant flashbacks. Plot patterns are narrated retrospectively. The lead character Antonio embarks on an adventure to win and find his daughter’s affection. The prison he entered aims to find the kidnapper and thus his daughter. He managed to enter the prison after being caught with drugs.

In the second season, we anticipate that the events will be untied. There is no official notice of its release yet. However, the last episode was pretty enigmatic, and in the second season, the plot of Antonio’s cause will begin to unravel. The choices he makes affect other people indirectly. A season in which we will see the results of its effects more clearly will be waiting for us.

stolen away

This series, which is based on the adventure of finding his daughter and wife, cannot be expected to continue without finding them. We predict that he will find and get much closer to them in the second season. While trying to find them, we will see what awaits him on the way.

The expectation of the fans of the series is exactly this. Antonio has become a beloved character and they are waiting for him to achieve his goal. At the same time, the tension was constantly increasing throughout the series. One of the biggest successes of the series has been to keep the tension high in each episode. In the second season, the episodes are expected to contain mystery and tension.

Will there be a second season of Stolen Away?

The series has not yet been renewed for a second season. But there is no need to worry because a cancellation has not been announced yet. There may be some confusion because Netflix canceled “Away” in recent months. However, no cancellation or renewal has been announced yet for “Stolen Away“. Although the first season of the series was broadcast on Netflix, it did not receive enough attention. We cannot speak very hopefully for the second season of the series. However, if there is a renewal, when we take into account the average production time, we can see a new season in 2021. We will update it when more official information becomes available.