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The wait for the new RPG game, announced by Bethesda in the summer of 2018, continues. While players are more locked into the upcoming popular RPG game Elder Scrolls VI which is the most popular game of the studio, Bethesda has been working on another RPG game for a long time. The name of this game announced at E3 2018 is “Starfield“. The game will be an RPG game that will take place in space. So when will the new game of the studio be released?

What do we know about Starfield so far?

Bethesda has already proved its success in RPG games like Fallout and Elder Scrolls, and they were well praised for their latest games. It would not be wrong to think that a good job will come out of the company that has focused its attention on this game right now. There is no official information about the game so far. Apart from rumors, the only official detail of the game is the teaser video, which you can watch below.

Let’s get to Starfield‘s trailer. As you can see in the trailer we share at the end of the post, a space station around a planet covered in the desert appears. This space station has been designed realistic as if it were detached from science fiction movies. This space station disappears as if it reminiscent of Star Wars movies. The effect you see here is probably a wormhole. By the way, at the beginning of the trailer, there is a word that is not completely visible, which is reflected in the camera lens. That word is “Constellation”.

When will Starfield be released?

There is no official release date for Starfield, which space lovers are eagerly awaiting. However, when we evaluate the rumors about this issue and think that the game will come to the next generation consoles, the forecasts show that it is early for the game to be released in 2020. Its developers state that the game has already passed the pre-development phase, and it has a playable version. Of course, the playability mentioned here is not playability that will bring the game to come out.

The game can be released in December 2021 at best if there will not be a surprise. The fact that the game was not featured in E3 2019 also strengthens this assumption. The game’s director, Todd Howard, says, “Everyone should be patient, very patient” for these questions. More clues about the game will be revealed in the coming months, and we will update the date when a more specific date occurs.

Todd Howard, who pioneered the game’s development, said that they focused on Starfield at every opportunity, raising the expectations for the upcoming game. If the company expresses how much weight it gives to the game, it would not be wrong to expect that they will produce a quality product, especially if the mentioned company is Bethesda.

Will the game be like Fallout?

In an interview, Howard answers this question as follows.

“I don’t want to answer this question as yes or no. Because I don’t know exactly what this question means for you or the people who will play the game. I can say that the game will be different, but the game will contain Bethesda DNA.”

Considering that the developer company has not made a game in space before, we can say that the new game will host many new systems in addition to the Bethesda DNA.

What will be the other gameplay details of the game?

How will be the difficulty of space traveling?

According to the same interview, the space travel in the game will not be in the degree of simulation, but there will be no easy activity. Todd Howard had visited SpaceX for inspiration.

Will there be an online mode in the game?

No, the game will be a single-player RPG game.

On which platforms will the game be?

The game is expected to meet players on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles, and next-generation consoles.

When will we be able to see a gameplay video?

According to a leak, A gameplay video will be released for the game next month, in August 2020. If we consider there are playable versions of the game in the studio, releasing gameplay videos soon will not be a surprise.

Update on 14.10.2020: The expectation about gameplay did not come true, but we are don’t want to fans return empty-handed. The image was recently leaked from Starfield. An image from the game’s TPS view and a space ship image was leaked as below:

starfield leak

starfield leak

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