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Star Citizen Release Date Status (2021), Steam, Gameplay

Star Citizen is a space simulation video game developed by Chris Roberts, who is known for his previous developed video games series called “Wing Commanders”. Since his previous games are so loved, people’s expectations have risen about Star Citizen. In 2012, he announced that he was working on that Kickstarter project and started crowdfunding that people can donate.
The donation is continuing after 9 years, and the amount of collected donation breaks record almost every year. The current amount is more than 465 million dollars and still counting. However, the amount of games we have is zero. We have to settle with a couple of trailers of the game.

What is the Story of Star Citizen?

Cloud Imperium Games, as the producer company, presents Star Citizen, which is a combination of three categories of the game which are space simulation, multiplayer online, and first-person shooter. This combination comes with four modules which are called Star Marine, Arena Commander, and Hangar modules. The last module is the Persistent Universe model, which covers the other three even though the others have unique features.

star citizen
The Picture: @Star Citizen / YouTube

What the Modules of the Star Citizen About?

Star Marine module provides a fictional war simulation where you can have a battle by using traditional weapons with other players. Space simulation has a place in the Arena Commander module where you can have a war with the rivals. You can even fly or fly with the ships in this module.

Unlike Arena Commander, the Hangar module has not flown mode with ships, but you can survey the ships and change their appearance; also, it is possible to explore the systems of the ships. The overarching module, which includes the other three called Persistent Universe, provides an all-in-one medium. In the module, there are a planetoid and a giant gas with nine moons and planets of four where you can travel around.

When Will Star Citizen Released?

Cloud Imperium Games has been keeping teasing the gamers who are waiting for Star Citizen for years. At first, the release of the year was announced as 2014 after 2 years of crowdfunding has started. However, when 2014 was at the door, the company announced that the release date was delayed to 2015. Even the date was determined as 11 December, but on that specific day, nothing was released.

This enigma lasts for 9 years by now, and the people who are waiting did not give up on their hopes. The donations are continuing, and every year the people are looking forward to hearing the date of release. Chris Roberts says that he and his team were working on the game so hard and keep delaying the release date to avoid any technical problems about the game.

In 2020, the hopes of the people were high, but the hopes are disappeared with a sad ending again. Today, as we are in 2021, there is still no official announced the release date of Star Citizen. It is guessed that we have to wait for another 2-3 years more. By the way, there is no clear statement about whether the game will be on steam or not. We will wait and hope to see.

What about Star Citizen: Squadron 42?

A new explanation for the game’s story mode, Squadron 42, has come from Star Citizen production team Cloud Imperium. The company announced that it was difficult for Squadron 42, which includes many star players, to be released recently. As you know, the company continues to frequently remove some updates regarding the development phase from its blog pages. Star Citizen, which can still be played in a limited way, is a game that has a long way to go. Squadron 42, on the other hand, is apparently that far away. Because when we look at the explanations, we cannot see any concrete details about when the game will be released. When we look at the latest statements published on the blog page, we know that it is tough to come out recently.

In the blog post published by Chris Roberts, the director of the game, it is stated that the game is far from the completion stage. “We have decided not to show everyone a gameplay video of the Squadron 42 until the game is close to completion,” Roberts said that it takes more time for the release date and that they will not give a date about it until they do their best. Apparently, we’ll have to wait a long time for Squadron 42 and Star Citizen.