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Star Align Season 2 Release Date, Renewal, Plot, Trailer

Eight Bit, one of the long-established companies of the anime community, said goodbye to 2019 with ambitious production. 8-Bit, the studio of famous anime such as Infinite Stratos, Aquarion Evol, and Walkure Romance, this time appeared before the audience with a sports-themed anime. The most important difference between Star Align (Hoshiai no Sora) anime compared to other anime is its creator Kazuki Akane. Akane’s career is full of unmatched achievements. This special artist, whose signature under legendary productions such as Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, Dragon Quest, The Vision of Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop, and Ergo Proxy, wrote and directed Hoshiai no Sora. The anime took the viewers on an emotional journey in the first season. The anime, licensed by Funimation, was originally aired on TBS. Is Star Align released between October 10, 2019 – December 26, 2019; so has the anime renewed for a second season?

What was the plotline of Star Align, what will be?

It’s an adolescent story set among adult boys at the middle school soft tennis club. Touma Shinjou invites Maki Katsuragi to the team because of having great skills and talks about the summer tournament. Katsuragi asks for money in return for joining the team.

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The first season of the anime was watched by many viewers with the expectation of a sports anime. However, the audience found more than they were looking for.

Star Align is an anime with depth. Although the content of the anime was on sports, the background was slightly different. The story of the young athletes who did not have a decent family affected everyone in the first season. We had a rather unexpected finale. The phone conversation and the final scene surprised everyone. The fact that the anime is an original production and does not have a manga makes predictions about the second season difficult. Will our heroes be able to get their lives on track in the second season? We will only see this when the second season is out.

Will there be a second season of Star Align?

Neither 8-Bit Studio nor Funimation have yet renewed the series for a second season. Anime is unfortunately not a manga adaptation, and things are even more difficult. The series needs a sequel to continue, and this is directly for financial reasons. When we take a look at the popularity, we see that the index has 56.0% popularity in the first season. Compared to other anime, this score is very low for the possibility of a second season.

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But things are a little different for Star Align. Writer and director Akane Kazuki tweeted fans last year that gave hope. He stated that the series was actually set to consist of 24 episodes, and 12 episodes were broadcast due to some plan changes. Although he states that he will continue later, the fact that no news has been received so far brings financial reasons and the cancellation situation on the agenda. Unfortunately, based on this tweet, we cannot say that there is a definite renewal. According to some rumors, the new season of the series will be broadcast as 12 episodes in late 2021.

Special Fan Movie

After the first season of the series, the special fan movie was released on June 20, 2020. However, Eight Bit studio also has no plans for the second season. We will inform you about the updates.