The Elder Scrolls: Skyblivion Release Date, Rumors, Gameplay

The Elder Scrolls is an action-based RPG video game series. It is also an open-world game which means that players can walk around in the virtual world. In this world, characters have different kinds of levels and according to these levels, they have different kinds of skills. Skyblivion is focused on the games that had been many centuries before Skyrim. This mod will include amazing screen effects and a realistic gaming experience. We can say that if you like this kind of game, you will be playing Skyblivion for hours without a break. The game looks like it will get you into it and does not release you for a long time. Especially from the trailer that was released, we can see that Skyblivion will be a century-opening game with its visuality and its mechanics. With all of the aspects of the game, we are fascinated, if you watch the teaser, probably you will be too. It has been seven years since the first announcement of Skyblivion. Even if some of the gamers forget about that game even will be released or not, Skyrim fans are still waiting for this game. A teaser was published in the year 2019.

Why Does It Take So Long?

Actually, you can be mad about the timing of this project. It has been years since the announcement was published. But before we judge quickly, we should be thinking about all the circumstances while making a game.

It is a long process

No matter what game you are developing, it is always a long process. We know there is a team beyond every game, and they are trying to develop it as soon as possible. But, as we said before, game-making is a long process. So, we should be patient and wait for the game.

As a quality game series like Elder Scrolls, it is much harder

We are talking about one of the best RPG games, and it adds more difficulty to the process. This game should satisfy all the expectations. Otherwise, we assure you, you would like to wait for longer for a better game. Publishers probably know that and are doing everything they can to present the best game ever.

Progression matters

None of us want to play basically the same game from the years, right? That is why, as time goes, with the new technological revolutions in the game-making sector, many of the games should be adapted to them. The Adaptation process might not be easy as we think; that is why it might be a good reason to delay this game.

Circumstances on the world

We know it had been announced years before the Coronavirus, but in the delays on the previous and this year, it is probably a good reason for developments to stop just like it does in every other game-making process.

When Should We Expect Skyblivion?

Now we come to the important question, when? Well, to be honest, there is not an official announcement about the release date of this game. When you go and look at the website of Skyrim, you will see a statement about the release date of Skyblivion, which is saying that the release date does not exist and progress is still unpredictable as well. In the statement, as the reason for this, we see the content of the project. So it is still non-clarified. But if we look at the situation clearly, we can see producers also trying to keep the excitement fresh. That is why we can see published trailers from the years 2019 and 2020.

When there is uncertainty, if you ask us what we think, we think it is possible for one or two more trailers to be published by the producers. But after that, it is important to keep the excitement of the game for the players, so we do not think there will be any more trailers than two. If every detail is published, what is the point of being excited, right?

So basically, this means it could take one or two more years. 2023 seems like the best forecast for now. If it would be any other game, we should not be saying the same, but for Skyblivion, it looks like it is worth waiting for it. Especially from the teasers or the photos from the game that are published, we can see perfect visual effects. The progression that we all have been waiting for will present to us! In the meantime, you can review all the updates on the official blog page.


Finally, we can say that even if we did not clear up the question marks in your head, we hope we gave you more clear details about the release of the Skyblivion. It is important to wait for the official announcements, of course. All we can give you is our predictions. As soon as we have new details, we will be sharing them with you.