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SK8 the Infinity Season 2 Release Date, New Anime Announced

SK8 the Infinity is an adventure anime series released in the spring of 2021 and managed to get good reviews from the audience. As an original anime series, SK8 the Infinity is not inspired by any manga or light novel. It is directed by the famous anime director Hiroko Utsumi, whom we know from Dororo and Banana Fish. The production, co-produced by Hiroko Utsumi and Bones Studio, was listed by Funimation and found audiences from many countries. Bones had already proven its quality by taking part in series such as Mob Psycho 100 and Boku no Hero Academia. It is none other than Studio Bones who will convince Hiroko Utsumi in this project. The anime, licensed by Aniplex of America, was originally aired on ABC between January 10, 2021 – April 4, 2021. Fans are now wondering if the anime will have a second season.

What is the plotline of the anime?

The anime is about Reki, a high school sophomore who has a passion for skateboarding, and Langa, an exchange student who just returned from Canada, and has never ridden a skateboard. Reki is addicted to something called ‘S’. The ‘S’ is an underground skateboard competition that is secret and dangerous, without any rules. Skateboarders especially go crazy about the “hurt” or the heated skirmishes that take place at the competition. One day, Reki invites Langa, an exchange student with no skateboarding background, to an “S” competition. He soon gets close with Langa, who has stopped getting excited about life, and together they dive into the world of ‘S’, where secret skateboarding competitions are held, where the excitement of the claims is always at its peak. Thus Langa, who does not know how to ride a skateboard, finds himself dragged into the crazy ‘S’ world.

Our main character, Reki, is someone who lives life to the fullest at the height of his insane adolescence. Langa actually lived in his father’s hometown in Canada. When his father passes away, he and his mother return to this town in Japan, where his mother was born and raised. While Langa is looking for a part-time job to support his mother, they get closer, thanks to Reki’s help. Langa, who loves snowboarding while in Canada, is interested in skateboarding. And suddenly, he finds himself in a dangerous S world.

sk8 the infinity
The Picture: @Aniplex USA / YouTube (Trailer at the end of the article)

The last episode of SK8 the Infinity was truly heartwarming. The fans were delighted when Langga jumped over Reki, not even knowing that he had won, with the joy of waiting for him at the end of the line. Many viewers waited for the kissing scene, but the mangaka did not give it to the audience in the first season; we will see what the second season will bring.

Will there be a second season of SK8 the Infinity?

The first season of SK8 the Infinity was announced in September 2020 and aired in January 2021. In a short time, the anime quickly became a hit after its release, with great interest worldwide. The anime is shown as the best anime of the year 2021 on many anime lists.

There is no choice but to wait for a new season to learn the rest of the story because SK8 the Infinity has completely original content. Whether a manga provides enough source material will not affect the decisions for new seasons for SK8, and you cannot read the rest of the story in any written product.

Hopefully, on July 4, 2021, it is announced that the anime will appear before the audience with a new anime project. In the announcement made at the ‘Sk8 Masquerade of Love’ event, the new anime project and two-stage play adaptation were announced. The first stage play took place in December and the second in January. During the second stage-play, there were cancellations due to Covid cases in the team.

The anime is renewed for a new anime project. However, as of August 4, 2022, details have not come to light. The team remains silent about the details of the project and the release date. However, it has been a year since the announcement and we think that new news will come to light soon.

new anime project

A new anime project announcement is thanks to the strong popularity of the anime and perhaps the good disc sales success despite the decline in disc sales in recent years. Disc sales of SK8 the Infinity were made in the winter season of 2021 and sold a total of 6 volumes. On average, it managed to sell a total of 7,343 units, generating approximately ¥287.62 million in revenue. Usually, the sales target of 4,000 units is shown for anime, but with the increase in online video-watching habits, it isn’t easy to reach these numbers in disc sales. To explain the success of SK8 in disc sales with a more concrete example, the second season of Re:Zero, one of the successful anime, managed to sell 4,893 units in the same period.

The current popularity seems to reflect on social media platforms and google searches. Although it is still a new anime, the @sk8_project account is followed by 200k users. Given this popularity and disc sales, announcing a new project isn’t surprising and fits our expectations. We hope this project will be a sequel as the fans desire.


When is the second season of SK8 the Infinity?

The SK8 the Infinity anime has been renewed for a new anime project, but the release date for this project has not been clarified yet. If this signals a new season, the project is likely in production. Considering the production time, it is possible to see a new season of anime early in 2023. We will update our article as more information about the new anime project comes in. Till then, we recommend you the similar sports genre Ahiru no Sora and Star Align anime series.