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Seton Academy: Join the Pack Season 2 Release Date, Renewal

Seton Academy: Join the Pack! is a beloved anime series that entered the vision in the winter of 2020 in the romantic comedy genre. We know that romantic comedy series has a special place in Japanese culture. In this genre, hundreds of manga and novel series are published every year, dozens of which are adapted to anime. Horimiya or Oresuki, which recently debuted, is also among the popular anime series of this genre. Just like these animes, Seton Academy is a manga adaptation, and it was written and illustrated by Bungo Yamashita. Licensed by Crunchyroll, the anime series created by Studio Gokumi originally found a place in many networks such as Tokyo MX, SUN, KBS, BS11, Animax. The anime’s first season was broadcast between January 7, 2020 – March 24, 2020, and then an OVA episode made fans happy. It is wondered whether the anime will now have a second season.

What is the plotline of Seton Academy?

The anime tells about the tragicomic life of Mazama Jin, who hates animals in a school full of animals. Seton Academy is a school with fewer people than other creatures due to the decline of the population. Mazama Jin, an animal adversary, and the only male person in his class had an eye on Hino Hitomi, whom he fell in love with. But all of a sudden, she is forced to join Ranka’s herd. His school life full of bullshit has now begun.

The series really pushes the limits of your imagination. Maybe this is the first time you’ve seen this kind of weird anime. However, the “weird” we are talking about here does not have a bad meaning. In anime, male drawings are in the form of normal animals, while female drawings are in a humanoid way. That’s why there is an ecchi in the anime, albeit different. In this type of anime, not much attention is paid to fiction or the history of the characters. Therefore, we won’t go into this issue much. Absurd events such as the love of forbidden genres were handled in a very normal and good way. And the way it works is a comedy, and it seems to be good at that as well. This is why it would not be wrong to call the series a romantic comedy, even if the dose of romantic comedy is low. Apart from the general fiction of the anime, it also manages to provide you information about koala, goshawk, wolves, and gorillas that probably you have never heard before. The drawings and editing were very satisfying. Let’s see if they can keep the line in a possible second season.

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Will there be a second season of Seton Academy: Join the Pack!?

Studio Gokumi, or manga publisher Shogakukan, has not yet renewed the anime for a second season. If you are a good anime viewer, you know that anime can be renewed after years. However, at this point, some main factors directly affect the second season decision. A new season is impossible if the manga doesn’t provide enough source material. The first season said goodbye to the audience with many open doors. Last year, Crunchyroll’s listing of the season two title on its website created confusion. But there was nothing certain about the second season. As of May 2021 still, nothing has been finalized. So let’s speculate about the second season, starting with the manga situation.

Manga status of the anime

The manga, the original of the series, was written and illustrated by Bungo Yamashita. The series, which Kodansha published in 2016, then continued to be published by Shogakukan in 2018. However, in May 2021, it came to an end, and the series was completed. The discontinuation of the manga series shows that there is the limited source material for the anime. Although the manga is not ongoing anymore, there are 153 chapters published so far. In the anime’s first season, it was adapted until the 59th chapter. It seems that anime may have a new season in terms of the source material.

Manga adaptation rate

Disc sales (Bluray and DVD)

Anime disc sales are one of the factors that influence the new season decision. Animes, like other productions, are for-profit products. Generally, an anime is expected to sell 4,000 copies in order to be confirmed for a new season. But, ‘Seton Academy: Join the Pack!’ only sold about 300 units in the first season, and this sales figure was too far from the target. When evaluated in terms of disc sales, a second season of the anime seems almost impossible.

The popularity of the anime

However, we can say that it’s not all about disc sales. In recent years, disc sales have declined drastically, increasing digitalization and online watching habits. However, the anime’s popularity score is 62.5%. When we look at the anime’s Twitter account, we see that 10k users follow. It seems that there is a parallel situation with disc sales in disc sales, also in general popularity. We cannot see a strong volume in Google searches either.

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When is the second season of Seton Academy?

The anime is yet to be confirmed for a second season. Although the story promises a lot for a sequel, the anime is pretty underrated. Disc sales and popularity don’t look good. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see a new season of anime in this condition. However, the surprises never end in the anime world; we see a new season of unexpected series at unexpected times. There is enough source material available for a new season, and no one knows if the decision committee will say go for a second season. Although it is unlikely, we will see whether the anime will have a new season in the future. Generally, we can say that the production time is one year for an anime. If there will be a renewal, Seton Academy may hit the screens in 2022, but keep in mind that this is just speculation.