Sailor Moon Crystal season 4

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4: Release Date, Renewal Status

Sailor Moon Crystal which first aired in 2014, is a beloved anime series in the magical girl genre. The anime series Dark Kingdom, Black Moon, Death Busters, which aired for three seasons, is based on an old manga series written by Naoko Takeuchi and distributed by Kodansha. The anime created by Toei Animation is licensed by Viz Media. The anime’s final season originally aired on Tokyo MX from April 4, 2016, to June 27, 2016. The anime, which also appeared on platforms such as ABC Me and Hulu, also appeared on the Netflix platform in July 2021. The series also has a sequel movie consisting of two parts and released in 2021. It is wondered if the anime, which has gained many viewers worldwide thanks to these platforms on which it is broadcast, will now have a fourth season. In the continuation of our article, we have compiled all the known details about the new season.

What is the Plotline of Sailor Moon Crystal?

Although Tsukino Usagi is a clumsy cry-baby, she is also a brave 8th grader. One day, Usagi encounters a mysterious black cat named Luna, and her whole life changes. Thanks to Luna’s brooch, Usagi dons her sailor uniform and transforms into Sailor Moon, the guardian of love and justice. Usagi’s new mission is to find the legendary and powerful artifact, the Silver Crystal, and the lost princess of the Moon Kingdom. But there will always be obstacles in front of her in this mission. The underlings of the Dark Kingdom’s queen will constantly interfere with Usagi and will want to take the powerful crystal for themselves.

As she progresses step-by-step in her missions, Usagi also meets other Sailor Guardians. She learns that the masked warrior she fought for the crystal is actually a boy named Mamoru. Enemies turn into lovers, and a romance arises between Usagi and Mamoru. Usagi, Mamoru, and the other Sailor Guardians fight against the suspicious situations in the city, the injustice, the evil, together. When a powerful and dark entity named Pharaoh 90 emerges, they must come up with a new plan. Protector of peace, Usagi has to balance her life, not forgetting that she is a student and a daughter and must do everything in secrecy.

Sailor Moon Crystal
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Will there be a fourth season of the anime?

The anime was last seen before the audience at the beginning of 2021 with a two-part sequel movie. However, Toei Animation or any anime-related company has not yet renewed the anime for a fourth season. Renewals of anime series can take a long time. The fact that the sequel of the series has recently appeared before the audience as a movie may indicate that we will have to wait for a long time for a new season. Still, fans are lucky that there was no cancellation announcement. Since there is no official announcement for the new season of the anime, we made speculation under the known. Many animes get a new season by evaluating important key factors such as source material availability, popularity, disc sales. We evaluated these key factors, as did the producers. Let’s see together.

Manga Series

The manga series written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi was published by Kodansha between 1991 and 1997. The manga series consisting of 18 volumes, excluding short stories, is the main source material of the anime series. For this reason, it is important that the manga series provide sufficient source material for the anime to have a fourth season. The manga, which consists of 18 volumes in total, also consists of 5 arcs. The first 3 arcs have been adapted so far and 2 arcs remain. Considering the part that has been adapted and the rest, there is enough source material for a new season.

Manga adaptation rate


Popularity is the most important criterion for anime to get approval for a new season. As in TV Dramas, popularity is at the forefront for renewals in anime. When we look at the Google searches of the series, we can see above-average search popularity. However, the last season seems to be below average in disc sales. Its biggest plus is that a large audience in Japan is fascinated by the manga of the series. The franchise, which has a huge fan base with its musicals and many side events, has 286 thousand followers on Twitter.


When is the fourth season of Sailor Moon Crystal?

Although the anime’s fourth season has not been confirmed, we see that the series has received new season approvals so far. Since the manga contains enough source material for a new season, we see a high probability of a sequel. In addition, the fact that the series is distributed by powerful exclusive distributors such as Netflix means additional income financially. For this reason, we think that the series will receive a new season approval in the future. However, the fact that the sequel movie of the series was released in 2021 may mean that we will wait a few more years for a new season. Also, considering production time, if there is a renewal soon, the anime may come out around 2023.

What can we expect from the Fourth Season?

In Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4, as in previous seasons, we can watch the continuation of the events in the original movie in more detail. Our characters will focus on finding the missing princess of planet Kinmoku this season. We will be watching more of Sailor Galaxia, Sailor Starlights, and Sailor Stars and their feuds with Usagi. Her ambition to seize the Sailor’s Crystal is consuming Sailor Galaxia inside day by day. But she will surely come with new evil ideas. Galaxia has more terrifying plans she wants to carry through after she invades the galaxy. Usagi will be experienced and stronger with each passing day.