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Rise of Empires Ottoman Season 2: Release date on Netflix

Rise of Empires: Ottoman is a Turkish historical docudrama mini-series directed by Emre Şahin. The series which is one of the Netflix’s biggest docuseries, met with the audience on Jan 24, 2020 with its first season, which consist of 6 episodes is written by Kelly McPherson. It’s filmed in Turkey and US with Turkish actors but is spoken in English throughout. Its first episode “The New Sultan” and the last episode “Ashes to Ashes” met with the audience simultaneously on Jan 24, 2020 as we are use to on Netflix platform.

And the audience are now wondering about season 2 details, is the series renewed for season 2, when will season 2 be released?

What is Rise of Empires: Ottoman About?

Rise of Empires: Ottoman takes the audience to the 1453, the time which shapes the course of history. It is about with the Ottoman Empire and Mehmed the Conqueror and tells the story of the Fall of Constantinople. Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II organizes an epic expedition to capture Constantinople, the capital of Eastern Rome. On the other hand, the series help us to understand how Mehmed II manages his decides and actions were in the 14th century. He was one of the youngest conquerors for the empires of the Ottoman. The story of a historical character who has power and intelligence at this young age impresses the audience.

rise of empires ottoman sultan

The starring of the series is Cem Yiğit Üzümoğlu, who is also in the cast of another Turkish Netflix TV Series’ Hakan: The Protector. The storytelling parts of the series, were performed by Charles Dance, who played the character of Tywin Lannister in the series Game of Thrones. While the series was being, received support from history professors such as Prof. Celal Şengör and Dr. Emrah Safa Gürkan.

The mini-docuseries was highly appreciated by the audience, we can understand by looking at the IMDB score (rate: 8,0).

Will There be a season 2 of Rise of Empires: Ottoman?

The mini-docuseries has not yet renewed for a season 2 by Netflix, so far. Let’s look at the possibilities until we get news from official broadcasters of the series. The Ottoman Empire is one of the empires that have the largest lands in history and has a firm past.

Many important historical events took place with the Fall of Constantinople, which is considered as the beginning of a new age (Early Modern Period). The number of documentaries in the form of fiction with this subject is quite low. For these reasons, Netflix will want to continue this documentary, which has been accepted by the audience.

In addition, in the final of 1st season of the mini-docuseries, we can interpret the dialog of Mara and Mehmed.

Mara: My son, the Red Apple is yours. It is the prize of your new empire.

Mehmed: And so… we begin.

Therefore, we can say that the second season of Rise of Empires: Ottoman will be released in the future.

When will Rise of Empires Ottoman Season 2 air?

When we examine the Turkish media, there is no clue that the shooting has started yet. We can say that the epidemic that affects the whole world has an effect on this. If Netflix renew the series for a 2nd season, we can see a new season of the series in the summer of 2021.