Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 2

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date, Renewed, Plotline

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Rent-A-Girlfriend is a popular anime series that was released in 2020 in the romantic comedy genre. Written and illustrated by Japanese manga writer Reiji Miyajima, the manga is the main source material of the anime. Anime is created by TMS Entertainment studio, the creator of top anime of 2019, such as Dr. Stone and Fruits Basket. Licensed by Crunchyroll and thus gaining viewers from around the world, the anime series was originally aired on MBS and TBS. The first season of the anime series, which started on July 11, 2020, consists of 12 episodes in total, and the fans said goodbye to the series on September 26, 2020, with the episode named “Confession and Girlfriend”. It is wondering now; Will there be a second season of the series? If you want, let’s first remember the series and then take a look at the second season’s details.

What is the plotline of Rent-A-Girlfriend?

Abandoned by his girlfriend, emotions shattered by college student Kazuya Kinoshita tries to fill the gap in his heart with a rental girlfriend on a mobile app. At first glance, Chizuru Mizuhara looked like the kind of perfect girl anyone would want: beautiful and sweet-looking, with a caring personality.


Kazuya who is still a heartbroken boy by his old relationship saw ridiculous comments on his profile after the first meeting. He thinks that Chizuru only plays with men’s emotions and gives her a low score. Angered by the disrespect made to him, Chizuru shows his true self: his moody and arrogant self, in contrast to Kazuya’s early thoughts. Just then, Kazuya learns that her grandmother has passed out and goes to the hospital with Chizuru. Actually, there wasn’t big deal.

His grandmother passes out when she finds out that Kazuya is finally in a serious relationship, as she always wished. Unable to tell him the truth, Kazuya and Chizuru are forced into a fake relationship — now they have to act like a real couple.

Will there be a second season of the series?

According to the announcement on the show’s official website, the news for the fans is good because the team renewed the anime for a second season. This news has been confirmed by the official Crunchyroll website and its Twitter page. The renewal announcement came as the last episode of the first season aired. Many anime do not get this opportunity, but we know that TMS is a successful studio in terms of sequels. With the announcement of the second season, the special video was also released.

When is the second season of Rent A Girlfriend?

The most curious topic for Rent-A-Girlfriend, the popular series adapted from Reiji Miyajima’s manga, is when the second season will be released. The anime’s second season announcement was made with the first season finale, but the new season date was unanswered. Fortunately, according to the statement made on February 28, 2021, the anime will air in 2022. Although an exact release date has not been given yet, there is little time left for the new season, and we will not have to wait for years like many animes. Based on the speculation, the anime’s new season will be aired early in 2021. Till then, we recommended other beloved anime in the romantic comedy genre, such as Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku and Senryu Girl.

How many seasons can the anime be?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the anime is based on the manga written by Reiji Miyajima. The manga series published on July 12, 2017, in Weekly Shōnen Magazine, where many popular manga series such as Fire Force was published, is still ongoing. It is good news that the series continues because the anime’s main source material is manga. The longer the manga, the more content can be provided for anime.

At the time of writing, the manga consists of 18 volumes in total and has 168 chapters. On the other hand, anime covers 54 of the current chapters. With a simple proportion, we can say that the anime can be at least 3 seasons. Below, you can see which chapters the anime episodes are adapted from in a list.

Episode 1Chapters 1-2
Episode 2Chapters 2-5
Episode 3Chapters 6-10
Episode 4Chapters 11-14
Episode 5Chapters 14-18
Episode 6Chapters 19-22
Episode 7Chapters 23-28
Episode 8Chapters 28-31
Episode 9Chapters 32-37
Episode 10Chapters 37-41
Episode 11Chapters 41-45, 54
Episode 12Chapters 45-50

The popularity of the anime

Crunchyroll licensed anime have generally been popular anime. TMS is an animation studio in the studio with its animations. The first season reviews of the series were pretty good. According to our metrics, anime that scored above average on IMDb also has a good popularity score of 86.6%. This score signals that we will see more new seasons when the squad provides enough resource material.