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Redo of Healer Season 2 Release Date, Renewed or Cancelled?

Redo of Healer, also known as Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi, is a light novel series that is popular in Japan in the dark fantasy genre. However, what made it popular in the world and managed to attract as much attention as the manga series is the anime adaptation of the same name released in the winter of 2021. The light novel, written by Rui Tsukiyo, has been adapted into an anime by the TNK studio. It has managed to become one of the studio’s most famous works in recent years. Licensed by Sentai Filmworks and thus gaining viewers worldwide, the anime originally aired between January 13, 2021 – March 31, 2021. The anime, which is also broadcast on many local networks such as AT-X, Tokyo MX, KBS, SUN, BS11, is intriguing with its second season. So will the anime have a second season?

What was the plotline of the anime?

redo of healer
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“Healing sorcerers cannot fight alone.” Everyone knew so until things changed. Keyaru, the main character of Redo of Healer, is a healing magician who is exploited by others and suffered many assumed sexual abuse. But the real truth will not take long to realize. Keyaru will realize what power lies behind the healing magic and see this class is the strongest class in the world. Utilizing the Philosopher Stone and using her healing magic, Keyaru goes back four years. This is the heroic tale of a healing magician who had the opportunity to rebuild his life in the past.

Will there be a second season of Redo of Healer?

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As of May 29, 2022, Light novel publisher Kadokawa or anime studio TNK has yet to renew the anime for a second season. Redo of Healer’s first season was completed on March 31, 2021. Many animes are renewed for a second season in the first season finale. Unfortunately, Redo of Healer was not one of these anime. Animes can be released for a new season after many years. Considering the release date of the first season of Redo of Healer, we can say that it looks quite early for a new season’s approval. Official news is limited at this stage, but it is possible to speculate about a second season under some key factors. Let’s take a look together.

Light novel status of the anime

The original of the series, the light novel, is written by Rui Tsukiyo and illustrated by Shiokonbu. LN, which started being published by Kadokawa Shoten on July 1, 2017, has reached 9 volumes as of today. The series, which is also a manga adaptation, is still ongoing. It means more source material for the anime in the future, and it means more seasons are possible to see.

We stated that the light novel contains 9 volumes. The light novel’s first 3 volumes have been adapted into anime in the first season. There are 6 light novel volumes that have not been adapted so far. There is enough stock material to prepare a second season of the anime. In addition, the fact that there are non-adapted volumes is an opportunity for those who are curious about the continuation of the story before a new season and to find out what happened.

Manga adaptation rate

What about the disc sales?

BluRay and DVD sales are good data to see the popularity of anime in Japan. With the increase in digitalization and online video watching habits, there has been a big decline in disc sales, especially in recent years. However, it is still possible to compare other animes released in the same period and evaluate the popularity in Japan through disc sales. Animes usually sell 3-6 volumes of discs, and an anime is expected to sell an average of 4,000 units in order to be approved for a new season.

Redo of Healer will sell a total of 3 volumes of discs. The anime has already sold 3,015 in the week of March 24, 2021, and 3,000 in the week of April 28, 2021. Although it seems below targets, it ranks 7th among 35 animes that aired in the same period. The anime, which has the same disc sales volume as Horimiya released in the same period, is far behind SK8 the Infinity, which sold 8174 units. We cannot say for sure about the second season when we evaluate it in terms of disc sales, but we are not pessimists.

The popularity of the Redo of Healer

It’s important for the series to reach a satisfying community so that the anime can get a new season’s approval. The anime’s popularity score is 85.8% according to the Myanimelist ranking. This score is not bad compared to others on our anime list. On the other hand, anime has a perfect search volume on Google. This isn’t bad for such a new anime. The current search volume is almost on par with popular anime like Dr. Stone and Fruit Basket.

However, the anime’s Twitter page is currently followed by 20.6k people. This does not indicate a good social media popularity; we think it will increase in the coming days. The official Twitter page announced that the light novel has exceeded 2.5 million copies in circulation. The anime also has a serious impact on light novel sales.

redo of healer season 2
2nd Season Chance of Redo of Healer
Popularity on Mynanimelist
Popularity on Social Media
Popularity on Google Searches
Success in Disc Sales
Good Popularirty
Enough Light Novel Source Material Availability
Ongoing Light Novel
Rui Tsukiyo's statements
Above Average Disc Sales
Big Distributor such as Bilibili "Chinese Platform"
Below Average Reviews (6.32 on Myanimelist, 6.4 on IMDb)
Only One Season
No available on Crunchyroll or Funimation
No Big Distributor or Additonal Income
Low Popularity in Japan
Renewal Possibility

Rui Tsukiyo gives hope to fans

Rui Tsukiyo is very active on Twitter, and he had said that if there is success in the disc sales, it could be a second season, and he hopes it sells more and more. His words caused fans to buy more discs. Although no great success has been achieved, Tsukiyo increases the possibility of a second season by keeping the possibilities on the agenda.

tsukiyo tweet

When is the second season of Redo of Healer?

The anime has not yet been renewed for a second season. However, as a result of our above examination, the possibility of a second season does not seem too far. Tsukiyo’s promising quotes, the light novel’s sufficient source material and good popularity are details that increase the odds for a second season. It takes an average of a year to prepare the anime for a new season, but first, the decision committee should renew the anime for a second season. If there is a renewal soon, we can see the Redo of Healer’s second season towards summer 2023. We will update as more official statements are available. Till then, we recommend similar animes in the dark fantasy genre, Jujutsu Kaisen and similar animes. Stay tuned!