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PROJECT I.G.I. 3 Origins Release date, Gameplay Trailer and Plot

PROJECT I.G.I., which was last released in 2003 and has a considerable number of players, will meet its fans with its new game, I.G.I. Although we don’t have much detail about the game, some predictions predict that the game will be available to players in 2021. In fact, these predictions also confirm the makers of the game.

Toadman Interactive states that they are targeting 2021 for the game’s release date, which will be F.P.S. type. However, there is not much information about the game shared except the trailer so far.

Although not officially released, developers are considering Project I.G.I. Origins for the name of the game.

The game has already been listed on Steam.

I.G.I Origins on Steam

What will be the plotline of the PROJECT I.G.I 3?

The game’s story has been mentioned on the official page of the Game: The year is 1980. You play code name “Regent,” an agent in the service of MI6 on active duty. Tasked with critical responsibilities of national security, Regent will undertake a series of missions across the world to achieve Spy paymasters’ objectives in a dramatic experience that explores the Institute of Geotactical Intelligence’s origins. Using a variety of weapons and gadgets at your disposal, your actions will determine the boundaries of where friends and enemies lay as you seek to uncover the truth behind events leading to world-shattering ramifications.

Toadman CEO Robin Flodin said for their new game: I’m so psyched to announce that the prototyping is going well, and we already have a fun base game to play in the studio. Today, we are releasing a teaser showing a glimpse of our prototyping, and many things will improve as we continue the development. We are sending out this update so that we can allow enthusiasts to provide ideas and feedback when we are in the early stages of development. We want to hear from fans to make sure you get to see the most out of this game.

It is not clear which platforms the game will be released yet, but the game developers are asking players about the game with a questionnaire published on their official website. We hope to find more details in the coming days from the producers who consider user data in the game.

I.G.I: Origins Game Trailer

When is the release date of I.G.I: Origins?

  • Update on 14.10.2020: For the game’s release date, the developers were targeting late 2020, but due to the delays in the development process, the best possibility for the game’s release date seems to be 2021. In line with the analyzes and predictions we have made, we can say that Toadman will release the game in the summer of 2021.

Previous games of the series and rates:

  • Project IGI: I’m Going In (PC) // Year: 2000, Metascore: 70, User Score: 7.7
  • IGI 2: Covert Strike (PC) // Year: 2003, Metascore: 64, User Score: 8.3