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Plunderer Season 2: Release Date, Renewed or Cancelled?

Plunderer is a popular anime series in the action-fantasy genre, which first appeared in the spring of 2020 with its anime. The anime is adapted from the manga series written by Suu Minazuki and has been published by Kadokawa since 2014. The anime, which first met with the audience on local Japanese networks on January 8, 2020, is also one of the anime licensed by Funimation. Plunderer, which gained viewers from all over the world thanks to Funimation and Hulu TV, was animated by the Geek Toys studio, which we know for the Hensuki anime series. After the first season, which consists of 24 episodes in total, the audience is now wondering about the fate of the second season of the series. So has the anime been renewed for a second season?

What is the plotline of Plunderer?

At our age, we are all running after likes on social media! Even the interactions we receive can sometimes even get ahead of us! So, where will this trend lead? Everyone has a number one in Plunderer’s world. This trick is like the sum of all the actions we’ve done throughout the lives that give us plus points! If we do not collect new points over time, our existing points are deleted one by one, and we fall to zero. Zeroing for a long time is the same as dying! When her mother’s score is considered, Hina sets out to search for the Red Baron at her request. Litch, whom he met during his journey, also has a very low score, and he is looking for the Red Baron. It is so fun to follow the fantastic adventure of this forced duo closely. This fun adventure is expected to continue in the second season. The series’s entry story is very similar to the first episode of season 3 of the Black Mirror series published on Netflix.

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Is the series renewed for a second season?

As of September 6, 2022, at the time of writing, Geek Toys studio or any related company with the anime has not yet renewed the series for a second season. However, we don’t want to drag fans into pessimism. This is an ordinary situation for anime series. As there has been no official announcement about the second season of the anime so far, we have speculated about the second season. There are some parameters to assess whether the series will have a second season. One of the most important is whether the source material is sufficient for a second season of the series and the other one is popularity.


The Plunderer anime is an adaptation of the manga written and illustrated by Suu Minazuki. The manga, published in Monthly Shōnen Ace magazine, like most famous manga, began its publication life in December 2014. Plunderer manga consists of 21 volumes in total as of today and the last volume was published on April 26, 2022. According to the reports last year the manga has 1.6m copies in circulation.

So, how many of them are adapted into anime’s first season? The answer to this question is 38 chapters of 82 chapters. The anime’s first season covers up to volume 10, chapter 38. The remaining stock material is 44 chapters in total. There is currently as much source material available as was adapted in the anime’s first season. In this case, we can say that manga provides sufficient source material to create a new season. However, since enough source material has just been completed, it will take time to adapt it to the anime, and this may increase the expected renewal time.

Although there is enough source material for a second season, the 21st volume was the final volume of the series and the manga ended. Usually, the advertising work of completed manga drops over the years. That’s why we hope to have a renewal soon. Otherwise, it will be difficult to see a new season with each passing day.

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The Popularity of Plunderer

When the series was first released, it was unheard of worldwide, but the number of people increased who met with the series afterward. Recently, we see that Plunderer has strong search popularity on Google worldwide. Anime, on the other hand, is currently ranked 551st on the Myanimelist popularity ranking.

Finally, when we look at the Twitter account to see the popularity of anime in Japan, we see that 16k people follow the anime. This is not very good considering its worldwide popularity. In general, we observe that over 100k people follow the animes that have been approved for the new season.

Disc Sales and Distributing

However, in disc sales, which is an important financial data, the anime only sold around 200 copies in its first volume sales, and this is really far below what was expected. With the popularity of online streaming services in recent years, the demand for discs has decreased considerably. It isn’t easy to reach the sales figures of 4,000 – 5,000, which were previously targeted. However, among the 34 anime series that went on disc sales in the Winter 2020 season, Plunderer was 30th, and this sales figure is bad even for this period. During the same period, Magia Record‘s first season managed to sell 7,426 units.

Although the anime has not been successful in disc sales, it is very popular on online streaming services. The world-famous streaming service Hulu TV is streaming Plunderer anime, and in Japan, it was recently agreed with distributors like D Anime Store.

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When is the second season of Plunderer?

Plunderer has not yet been renewed for a second season. We speculated above about the second season of the anime and talked about the possibilities for renewal. At the moment, the manga provides enough source material to create a second season, and it has above-average popularity worldwide. However, the anime isn’t very popular in Japan, it didn’t do well in disc sales, and manga is no longer ongoing. Although we have some concerns, we see the light for a new season. If the anime is renewed soon, the average production time will be about a year. In this case, it is not easy to see a new season before 2024. Stay tuned.

Who are the characters in Plunderer?

plunderer characters

Bach, Licht
Licht Bach, or known by his real name Sakai Rihito, is Plunderer’s main male protagonist. He is one of the 7 Legendary Red Baron known as the “Flash Baron”. It is enigmatic as long as it has an intention. He does his best to hide that he is a Baron, but his overwhelming power and inability to let others suffer before he often reveals himself.

Hina is Plunderer’s main heroine. She is a lonely girl who lives in the mountains with her mother until she suddenly dies. After his mother’s death, he traveled for five years in search of the Legendary Red Baron.
She is easily trusting others and being ignorant of the evils in the world. She is also slow to understand the social norms she was raised without.

Mei, Lyne
Lyne Mei is Plunderer’s secondary female character. A sergeant is guarding Hoemmh at the edge of a hill.

Murdoch, Jail
Prison Murdoch is the deuteragonist in Plunderer. Althea is associated with the Royal Guards and is the team leader with the rank of Lieutenant. The prison is also the commander of the special unit in Gefängnis.

Poporo, Pele
Pele is a sergeant at Lynn’s command and has feelings for him. Three hundred years ago, he had an aptitude for the technology of that time in time. He is also a secret SSU agent. Its number is 120. Its basis has not yet been disclosed.