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Physical Season 2: Release Date, Renewed or Cancelled?

Physical is an Apple+ series that began airing with its first three episodes on June 18, 2021. The first season consists of 10 episodes, each of which is about 30 minutes and is in the comedy and drama genre. Australian actress Rose Byrne, known for productions such as Spy, Bridesmaids, Insidious, and Neighbors, stars in the lead role, while she is accompanied by American comedian Rory Scovel. Actors such as Dierdre Friel, Lou Taylor Pozci, Della Saba, Ashley Liao, and Paul Sparks are in the cast of the series. While Craig Gillespie sits in the director’s chair of the pilot episode of the series, the other names in the directorial staff of the production are Liza Johnson and Stephanie Liang. The creator of the show is famous book author Annie Weisman. Physical, which received 7.3 points with the votes of 4 thousand people on IMDb, was stated to be suitable for those over the age of 18. The fans of the series quickly finished the first season and are eagerly waiting for the continuation. So, when is the second season?

What is the Plotline of Physical?

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The series takes place in 1980s San Diego. A housewife named Sheila Rubin, who spends every minute talking to herself and is incredibly submissive to her husband, discovers herself and rises economically through aerobic exercises. Sheila, who lives a peaceful but fragile life, seems to support her husband, who deals with politics but lives a separate life behind closed doors, which she does not show to others. Despite having a family with her husband Danny and a sweet daughter named Maya, she is not happy. Because Danny, with his humiliating and sexist approach, hinders Sheila’s life and only cares about himself. Even though they have a daughter and long-term marriage, they had to focus on Danny and Danny’s political interests because of Danny’s “love of sexual intercourse”. Sheila Rubin, a devoted housewife to her dominant partner, turns into a health guru and life coach when she meets 80s craze aerobics. Thanks to this profession, which was quite new and ground-breaking for that period, she gets in control and discovers her potential. Combining her passion for sports with technology, Sheila starts a new job and evolves into a strong woman, undergoing a radical change in her time. The world of sports seems to be her only way out.

Will there be a Second Season of Physical?

Good news for those who are waiting. The answer you are looking for is yes! On August 4, 2021, Physical was officially confirmed by Apple+ for a second season. Michelle Lee, one of the Directors of Apple TV+, said that she is proud to showcase Annie Weisman’s unique take on this funny, sad, and gritty story. She also stated that lots of people liked the series very much and that they identified Sheila with themselves. She indicated that we would watch the moments in which Sheila gets stronger in the second season. The platform is very satisfied with the running of the series and the reaction of the audience. For this reason, they gave their approval for Season 2 without keep fans waiting for too long.

So, when is the release date of the second season? Apple+ has announced that it will be released in 2022. From the ending of the first season and the ambitious speeches of the screenwriters, we can understand that progress has already been made for the second season’s story. We can easily say that the shooting of the show will begin soon. Mid-2022 would be a realistic estimate for the release date of Physical season 2.

What can we expect from the Second Season?

The first season comes to an end, with Sheila starting to become popular thanks to her aerobics video. After the show at the mall, a television producer approached her. An article in the Times mentioned Sheila, and only Sheila, not Bunny or Tyler. Danny got defeated and began to go back to his old self.

The second season will be about Sheila’s popularity skyrocketing. While her husband’s career is on the decline, Sheila, on the contrary, is on her way to becoming a successful businesswoman. Although they no longer suffer from money-related problems, the troubles in their marital life are not over yet. Social pressure may bring Sheila’s eating disorders back to the surface. This can cause major problems in her career life. Most importantly, we will be watching a lot of her growing relationship with John Breem in Season 2.