Peach Boy Riverside season 2

Peach Boy Riverside Season 2: Release Date, Renewal Status

Peach Boy Riverside is a web manga series that has been published since 2008. The publisher Kodansha‘s remake manga, which was published since 2015, met with the audience for the first time as an anime in 2021. Peach Boy Riverside, which was animated by the successful studio Asahi Production, which has expanded its portfolio with various productions in recent years, was broadcast on local networks such as Tokyo MX, BS NTV, AT-X as 12 episodes between July 1, 2021 – September 16, 2021. The anime series that Crunchyroll introduced to the world managed to attract the attention of fantasy genre lovers. Fans who followed the first season with interest are now wondering if there will be a second season of the anime.

What is the Plotline of Peach Boy Riverside?

Peach Boy Riverside
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The story revolves around Princess Saltorine Aldike – Sally for short – and Kibitsu Mikoto in a world inhabited by humans, demi-humans, and “Oni”. Princess Sally, who is full of life and enthusiasm, is very bored in the castle where she lives. One day, the kingdom she lives in is attacked by demons called Oni, but the people are saved by the mysterious “Peach Eye” of a lonely traveler named Kibitsu Mikoto. After the attack, Sally decides to hit the road to get to know the outside world better and to find Mikoto. On this journey, she will realize how ignorant and inexperienced she is. However, she has a superpower to help her. With a peach-like sigil, she can transform into a superhuman being capable of fighting the Oni. Although Sally tries to use this power to bring peace between the three factions, Mikoto, who has powers like Sally, only wants to root all the Oni out by killing them. Sally’s experiences on this journey and her relationship with Mikoto will cause events that will affect the fate of the magical world.

Will there be a second season of the anime?

The anime, whose season finale hit the screens on September 16, 2021, has not yet been renewed for a second season as of October 2021. Manga publisher Kodansha or studio Asahi Production has yet to talk about a second season. The new season decisions of animes depend on some main criteria, especially popularity and source material. If there is enough source material for a new season and the popularity is enough to create a new season, we may see a second season of the anime. Since there is no official news for a second season yet, we made some speculation about it. Let’s see together.

Kodansha’s published manga series consists of 10 volumes, and the first 7 volumes were adapted in the first season of the anime. Although it does not seem enough for a second season yet, considering the remaining source material, we can predict that the manga series will contain enough source material for a new season at the end of 2023. Yes, this may be a long time, but it is not certain to see a new season afterward.

Unfortunately, the series was one of the animes of the year that remained below the average with its reviews, and it is difficult to say that it could reach a sufficient audience. We can check out the official Twitter account to take a look at the popularity in Japan. The series is currently only followed by 13.8k people, and it’s clear that this amount of followers isn’t strong enough to support the decision for a second season. Currently, anime is ranked 1372 in popularity according to Myanimelist data, and we don’t see a strong volume for anime in Google searches either. The anime world is full of surprises, and we always have a chance to see a new season if the manga or light novel provides enough source material. However, with the current popularity, it seems very difficult for the decision committee to decide on a second season, and to be honest, we do not expect a second season of the series. The best thing to do right now is to recommend the anime to your loved ones and hope its popularity grows. Stay tuned for updates.


What can happen in a possible second season?

By the end of the first season, Sally had charted a new path, now knowing better how to use her power. Her next stop was towards Legendia, where racism is prohibited. During the journey, Sally and her friends encounter the Giant Oni Roam. Roam intends to kill Sally to be glitzy. According to Roam, Sally is a total hypocrite for both saying she wants equality and killing Oni at the same time. His greatest desire is to be someone who is admired and not forgotten in the future. Also, Roam goes on a journey with the Weak Oni Tiny. Tiny needs to be protected by someone stronger than her, which signals that she will be matched with Maki Oni. As Sally helps Roam out, Roam begins to realize that bringing peace between humans and the Oni will make him more memorable.

The unfortunate event follows Sally and Mikoto. The Sleep Oni, Daminki, uses its power to put Mikoto to sleep, and when he awakens, Mikoto loses his sense of time and himself. On the other hand, Priest Ogre will be able to heal Millia, but in return, he asks Mikoto to kill Roam Oni. Mikoto won’t care about Roam’s wishes and goals. Despite Roam’s strong power, Mikoto will win the fight thanks to his skill.

We will also learn that Frau used to have a friend named Cobb, aka Demon King. This frightening creature used to be in human form but now appears as a black rabbit. The Demon King’s goal is to regain his power by killing Frau’s loved ones one by one. Atra, aka the Heaven’s Bow, will stand by Frau. The second season will be full of excitement and twists.