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Sweden-based developer Starbreeze had to lay off most of its staff due to poor sales. Even worse, he had to sell the rights to some of his games. The company, which is still not closed, sees Payday 3 as the way out of this black period. The company made some statements about the new Payday 3 game and release date.

Some companies have become synonymous with the games they have developed. There are many examples such as the Assassin’s Creed series coming to mind when Ubisoft is mentioned, or the FIFA series when EA is mentioned. On the other hand, some companies are not mentioned their name, no matter how popular they are with the games they developed. For example, we can bring Starbreeze, the developer of the Payday series.

overkill's the walking dead score

Swedish-based game developer Starbreeze is the developer of the PAYDAY series, perhaps the most popular bank robbery game globally. Although the game is popular, the company has not been able to talk about itself at the same rate. After the poor sales of the game “Overkill’s The Walking Dead” they released, the company came to the verge of bankruptcy. Stating that the company will not see another year unless they can find additional funds in their statements made recently, Starbreeze came up with a new plan.

Does PAYDAY 3 come true? When will it release?

Yes, the game company officially announced the game and even gave an estimated release date. The developer plans to launch the game in 2022 or 2023. The statement made on the official Starbreeze website also confirms this news. The company, which published a list with the games they previously released, noted 2022-2023 for its new game Payday 3. The game is currently in the design phase.

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The game developer company, which includes Payday 3 in its promotional and development presentations, shares notes that it is planning large investments for the new game. As can be seen from the game presentation page, The developers will release Payday 3 first for PC and then for consoles. We think that the game will come to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X, and maybe to PS4, Xbox One X and Switch.

In the same presentation, the game company plans to make a PAYDAY 3, which has been developed to attract PAYDAY 2 players to the new game and added new modes and functions. The game company currently focused on PAYDAY 3 with 45 developers, and the game officially started to develop in 2019.

What did previous Starbreeze games get from critics?

GamePlatformsStatusRelease yearMetascore
PAYDAY: The HeistPSN & PCReleased201176
PAYDAY 2PC & VR PCReleased201379
PAYDAY 2: Crimewave EditionPS4 & XBONEReleased201571
PAYDAY 2: The Big ScorePS4 & XBONEReleased2016N/A
PAYDAY 2 SwitchNintendo SwitchReleasedFeb 23/27, 201860
OVERKILL’s The Walking DeadPCReleasedNov 6, 201851
PAYDAY 3MultiplatformDesign Phase2022-2023N/A

Is there a released trailer of PAYDAY 3?

Although there are some fan-made trailers, Starbreeze has not released an official Payday 3 trailer. We do not plan to see a trailer for a long time. Maybe we can see a promotional video for 2021 with some gameplay details.

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