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Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2 Release Date, Netflix Renewed

Pacific Rim: The Black is a Japanese-American co-production mecha anime series released on Netflix. The mecha genre, where robots are at the center, has a special place in Japanese anime culture. Most of us already knew about Pacific Rim before the anime. Pacific Rim is a 2013 movie directed by Guillermo del Toro. So, The ‘Pacific Rim: The Black’ anime series, a product of this franchise, is not based on any manga or light novel. Released in 2013, “Pacific Rim” was about a massive battle between Japan’s great content “Giant Robot” and “Giant Monster”. The anime series, published on Netflix on March 4, 2021, was appreciated as an anime and an excellent spin-off work to the original. The anime was created by Polygon Studio (co-produced by Legendary Television) where we’ve seen collaborations with Netflix in series like Drifting Dragons and Levius in recent years. After the first season of the anime, Fans have started to wonder about the second season. So, has Netflix already renewed the anime for a second season?

Will there be a second season of Pacific Rim: The Black?

The good news is that Netflix has already renewed the anime for a second season. Anime managed to make it to the Netflix TOP10 in 10’s of many countries. Perhaps this success was predicted before because the anime had already been ordered for two seasons. The anime’s first season was very short for all audiences. They saw that the moment the audience felt that the anime was accelerating, they came to the final. That’s why they want to see plenty of war scenes in a second season.

As of October 27, 2021, anime’s new season is still in the works and the release date has not yet been announced. There is also no trailer that has been shared yet. The anime was first announced in November 2018 and then announced to be released in 2020. However, it was delayed to 2021. The pandemic may also have an effect on this. However, since the second season of the anime has been in the plan for years, we think the studio will not waste time on this matter. A second season of the anime is expected to be on screen early in 2022.

What is the anime plotline?

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The Picture from Trailer © Netflix

Like many works of the studio Polygon, it is an anime series prepared in the “3DGC” technology. Although classic anime lovers do not like this style very much, the design and sounds in the anime are carefully chosen. The story of Pacific Rim: The Black is set in Australia. The giant monsters named Kaiju have captured the Australian continent this time. The series, which begins with two brothers named Taylor and Hayley finding a ruined Jaeger, is about the siblings searching for their lost parents and trying to save the world. Those who watch the movie know that it takes two people with powerful emotional bonds to use giant robots called Jaeger. The fact that two people control the robot by acting as the right and left lobes of the brain and the incredible strength of this bond adds strength to the power of the Jaegers.

The anime’s character is also very attractive. Big Brother Taylor has a strong sense of justice and a serious personality and also has the potential to be a hero. Her younger sister Haley is witty and cute, but they constantly conflict with her older brother. Although the brothers seem to have opposite personalities, they still love and trust each other in their words and deeds.