Ozark: Season 4 Release date on Netflix, Plot and Trailer

Netflix‘s popular series Ozark renewed with its 4th season. The fourth season, consisting of 14 episodes, will also be the final season of the series and will be broadcast in two parts.

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Story of Ozark started when Marty Bryde, a financial adviser, moved with his family to Ozark, Missouri, to run the money laundering activities of Mexico’s second largest drug network. Ozark, the Emmy Award-winning Netflix series featuring Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Julia Garner, Sofia Hublitz, Jason Butler Harner, has returned for its third season this year.

Part of the article contains spoilers.

Season 3, just like season 2, is a season in which Wendy changed the course of the whole season with her actions. Pushing the boundaries even more, Wendy’s actions to protect her family, disagreements with Marty, her never and never deviating from her own truths, her remorse after the decisions were among the topics discussed in this season. The inclusion of Wendy’s brother, Ben, made the events even more complicated.

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The love between Ben and Ruth, who stirred up a lot during the season, was an important detail in changing the course of events. Putting big tests this season, Ruth broke her ties with Wendy and Marty after learning about the events that led to Ben’s death. Moreover, the indifference and unresponsiveness of Wendy and Marty after Frank Cosgrove Jr. beat him to death also laid the groundwork for this. Darlene Snell, who had a surprise love affair with Wyatt, and also took a very good revenge on Frank Cosgrove Jr., thus attracted Ruth and on this occasion gained an important ally to harm the Byrde Family.

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In the last scene of the season, the killing of Helen by Navarro, who was caught in the corner due to cartel wars, gave us the answer to the question of whom to trust to survive.

What we can predict about 4th season, plot line of the new season

Season 4 is set to be last in the series, confirmed with 14 episodes to close up the story once and for all. So let’s do some good old fashioned educated guesswork to figure out what season 4 could look like.

Despite more than a few bubbles along the way, Marty and Wendy are still working for Navarro. Marty and Wendy have pulled off the impossible for him twice. They got the casino up and running and got the FBI on their side. This was a very attractive proposition to Navarro. Now with Helen firmly out of the picture, they have a direct line to the boss-man himself. Season 4 will shed more light to this alliance and Novarro’s plans for the Byrdes.

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Marty and Wendy should not get too complacent yet. The FBI are still circling and will undoubtedly face their biggest challenge yet. Marty has been close to walking away from the money laundering operation on two occasions. Maybe he will finally bite the bullet in the next chapter.Another speculation is around Ben Davis, Wendy’s brother. To save her family from being slaughtered by the cartel, she was forced to order the hit on her own brother. As a physical body was not seen, he could he miraculously reappear further down the line.

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Ruth teamed up with Wyatt to disrupt the heroin operation. Now will she stick with him and see what she can achieve or will she twist and head back to Marty. The upcoming season will reveal her destiny as well.Jonah has displayed some pretty worrying signs throughout the series. Now it seems like his character has been building towards something tragic that will finally come to light in season 4.

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When will Ozark season 4 come out and be on Netflix?

It would not be wrong to say that the series’ preparing was affected by Covid 19, so it would be a bit optimistic to see the new season of the series next March, as it is this year. More realistic forecasts point to the series’ summer or fall 2021.

Is there a trailer of the season 4 of Ozark?

The drama has just received the new season confirmation, the good news is that for now. Unfortunately, there is no trailer released yet, other than fan-made trailers. When an official trailer is released from the producers, we will share it with you.


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