Outcry Season 2: Release date, Plot, Renewed or Cancelled?

The Outcry miniseries written and directed by Pat Kondelis and aired on Showtime has successfully completed its first season. It is curious whether the series, which started airing on July 5, 2020, will have a second season. After the last 5 episodes, the series said goodbye to the screens on August 2, 2020. Have any announcements about Season 2 come from the producers of the series? What about the possible season 2 release date and plot line?

Has Season 2 of the series been renewed?

Unfortunately, there is no renewal announcement for the 2nd Season of the series yet. The series has an above average score of 8.4 according to IMDb data and has been watched from many parts of the world. A possible second season doesn’t seem like a very difficult prospect. We will share it with you when an official announcement for Season 2 is released.


What will be the plot line possible season 2?

Ending of the season 1 made people curious about the Outcry Season 2 Plot more. Outcry is a crime documentary some also calls it docuseries. The series takes football star Greg Kelley’s controversial story of being arrested for sexual assault as the subject. Also indicates the weaknesses of the US justice system.

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Greg Kelley was arrested for sexual assault of a 4-year-old boy. Turns out there were people who thought Greg Kelley was an innocent man. The mystery behind this unfortunate incident is waiting to be discovered.

What will happen in the 2nd season is still a mystery. But some predictions can be made. The first thing to discuss must be the plot. Will it have similarities with the first season? We might easily say that there will be more excited court scenes. Is Greg Kelley really guilty? We are not sure of whether we will see the real guilty. The investigator’s future may be discussed in the show.


The secret e-mails between the subjects might be revealed. More information about the case is expected to be revealed. Because the show’s structure was built on the enormous amount of information. That is the thing that makes the show spectacular. Greg Kelley’s football carrier is also a subject of curiosity. Before the incident he was a successful football player and a normal high school student. Now he is in front of the camera. Lost his many years in prison under the false accusations. Will he continue to play football?

Also Outcry Season 2, could take the legal effort of Greg Kelley. His many years, name and mental health was abused by the wrong accusations. He might sue the court and we might see this struggle of his on the screen.

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When is the season 2 release date of Outcry Season 2?

Usually American TV series are broadcast annually. However, Outcry is a British series and it’s not always the same for British TV series. We can see a possible second season of Outcry, which debuted as a miniseries, as the end of 2021, but now it is only a possibility.

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