One Punch Man Season 3 Release date on Netflix, Manga Status

One Punch Man is an amazing anime series also released on Netflix. The show, which has a huge fan base among audiences in Japan and other countries, is curious by fans for its 3rd season. Yes, the developers of the anime have confirmed that the third season is coming. We think that the series will have a new season. But the more important question is when will it be released next season? What are expecting for the next season plot line?

We hope and beleive that One Punch Man, one of the best-known superhero anime, will be coming with its third season. Directed by Shingo Natsume (Season 1) and Chikara Sakurai (Season 2), the anime was adapted under the same title by ONE.

Created by Madhouse Studio, the anime was first broadcast on TV Tokyo in October 2015, and the second season between April and July last year. Therefore, the third season was expected to arrive at the same time this year. But there was no enough sourche to create a new season and the corona virus slowed the process.

What is the plot line of season 3? What do we expect?

Our story begins with Saitama who can beat anyone with one punch, looking for someone worthy to fight. Saitama can perform heroic actions by beat powerful monsters and villains down to size. However, he is the superhero who can no longer enjoy fighting because he has no equal rival.

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We watched two seasons with new villains, new opponents, war and comedy all together. Season three will focus on a war between the Heroes Guild and their evil counterparts, the Monster Guild, and possibly characters like the Child Emperor and Garou, a new set of monsters. Genos won’t be seen much, but we hope to see our bright bald-headed hero on more screens.

Will there be a third season of One Punch Man?

As we mentioned before, the series has not yet received approval for a third season from the producer studio, Netflix or other platforms on which it is broadcast. Although there is no renewal announcement, some estimates are possible. There are a few things to look for possibilty of Season 3. These are the manga status and popularity of the series.

When we examine its popularity of anime series, we see that the series has a high score such 8.8 in IMDb. But of course it is not a sufficient criterion. When we examine it from other platforms, One Punch Man is among the anime series that are expected to continue now. This increases his Season 3 chances.

Let’s get to the manga status. We know that the 1st and 2nd seasons of the series are also adapted from the manga of author ONE. The series has been adapted from the 1-16 episodes of the manga so far. So how much material is left? The manga consists of 22 volumes in total, and the 23rd volume has a short time to complete. While this article is being prepared, we think that the series, whose 134th Chapter was published on September 12, 2020, will provide enough material for a 3rd season in 2020.

In case of sufficient popularity and resources, Season 3 is inevitable, in short, we think the series will have a 3rd season!

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When is the expected release date of Season 3?

We have made an assessment of the manga situation above. In this case, we think we can see a new season of the series within the next year, although it has not yet been approved. One Punch Man, season 3 may be on the screens in the summer of 2021.

Is there a relaised trailer for season 3 of One Punch Man?

Although we think that the work on it has started, no sharing has been made from the animation studio so far. There are some fan-made trailers available, but they don’t reflect the truth. The series does not have a 3rd season trailer yet released. Once shared, we will pass it on to you. We leave you with Top 10 Saitama Punches to remember though.


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