Night on Earth Season 2: Release Date on Netflix, Plot

Night on Earth was a successful nature documentary that appeared on screens with its first season in 2020. We watched the British documentary on Netflix with the narration of Samira Willey. This documentary, each episode as successful as the other, has managed to attract viewers’ attention who love such productions. The production, which got a good score according to IMDb user data, was produced by Plimsoll Productions. In addition, the series managed to get an above-average rating from Rotten Tomatoes. The series was last aired on January 29, 2020. About a year has passed, and one wonders whether the documentary series will have a second season. So has Netflix renewed the series for a second season?

Night on Earth Season 2 Plot

Are you ready to meet the interesting features of nature revealed in the perfect darkness of the night? The Night on Earth you will watch tells exactly that. We have seen the terrible features of the night in all the TV series and movie documentaries we watched so far. But for the first time in the Night on Earth series, you will witness the mysterious nature of the creatures and plants that live in the darkness of night.

While each of the images taken with 4K Dolby Vision allows you to see the world at night closely, the sound effects and narration take you to a completely different realm. Of course, it should be said that this was shot with a particularly advancing technology. If the second season of Night on Earth continues, this advancing technology will continue to be developed and used.

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What Did We See in the first season of Night on Earth?

In this series, which is evaluated in the Nature documentary category, you have the chance to watch many wild animals and the awakening of nature during the night. Tigers, lions, birds with exotic appearances, or lots of animals that hunt in the wild with their incredibly expressive gestures and community behavior really look great in the documentary.

The most important feature of the series in the first season is that it shows both the dynamism in micro areas and the life in large macro areas. While watching this series, you will see the sound of an insect walking on a leaf, as well as a tiger jumping on its prey in the vast lands of Africa. As you can imagine, this gives the documentary series an excellent atmosphere.

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What is Next in Season 2?

Few realistic documentaries focus on what happens in the world when the sun goes down. Therefore, the scenes here are expected to continue. Especially in the last episode of the first season, quite detailed images about wildlife gave the audience a different pleasure. You can find every detail in the last section, from the moments that make the dust rise in the night to the calm and silent moments.

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If the documentary series is approved for the second season, it can provide information about the lives of animal communities in different micro areas as well as wildlife.

Will there be a second season of ‘Night on Earth’?

Netflix has yet to renew its documentary series for a second season. The series was planned as a single season like many miniseries we watched on Netflix this year. The series will not have a second season, or it is unlikely. Of course, financial reasons are beyond everything. Although it was planned as a single season, the evaluations for the first season of the documentary were quite good. Netflix currently holds the streaming rights for the series. It should be kept in mind that the production phase of such productions is at least two years. In case of a possible renewal, we can see a new season in 2022 earliest, but as we mentioned before, this possibility is very low.

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On the other hand, currently, the producer studio is working on other projects. Those who love the style of the studio can also check out other documentaries. One of them is the 6-episode Tiny World series that aired on Apple TV+ in October 2020. The mysterious world of small-sized animals may interest you, such as Night on Earth.

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