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Muppets Now Season 2: Release Date on Disney+, Plot, Renewal

Muppets Now is an improvisational comedy where we watch cute puppets. Our older ones know better about the show, which started airing on Disney + in 2020. Although this is a new show released in 2020, the show was first created in 1976 by Jim Henson and his team. The production, which connected young and older people to the screen for five seasons in those years, returned years later. Directed by Kirk Thatcher, Muppets Now aired on Disney+ on July 31, 2020, with its first season. The show made the season finale on September 4, 2020, with the most beloved 6th episode, “Socialized”. So has the series been renewed for a second season? What is expected in the second season?

Muppets Now Season 2 Plotline

Muppets Now have guest artists in each episode in this program, which is a continuation of the Muppets Show, which includes parodies considered as absurd comedy. Miss Piggy, familiar from Sesame Street, is the main star and host of this intimate show. Kermit the Frog is a character who directs the stage during the show and tries to comfort the guests. The show has different parts of itself. Lifestyle with Miss Piggy, Muppet Labs Field Test, Pepe’s Unbelievable Game Show, and Muppet Masters are some of them. In the first season, it grabs the interest of both children and adults.

What Happened During The First Season?

The show includes various Muppets, mainly talking puppets. A variety of guests are also included in the episodes on the comedy Muppets shows put together by Scooter. The TV series, which came before the audience with six episodes in the first season, is a great comedy program that can be watched on pleasant Sundays especially for families!

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What About Season 2 of Muppets Now?

Based on the first season, it should not be difficult to guess that the rush and complexity of the Muppet gang will continue in the second season and will continue to have fun with their stupidity. Although Kermit the Frog and the company are pleased with the new venue in the first season, the uncertainties for the second season still arouse the audience’s curiosity. We hope this intimate show continues with renewal and development in the second season by the Muppet gang and will delight all Muppets-lovers!

Will there be a second season of Muppets Now?

Disney+ or The Muppets Studio has yet to renew the series for a second season. Although it is a beloved and immortal show, financial reasons always come first. Another Muppet series from the same studio was broadcast on ABC in 2015. Although its reviews were better than ‘Muppets Now’ we watched today, it canceled by ABC after one season. The show, published on Disney +, may share the same fate, so be prepared for this because ratings are below average. There will be new muppets shows in the coming years, but we are sure that, but this may not be Muppets Now. However, If the series is renewed by Disney + for a new season, we can see a new season like July 2021. Until more information about the new season comes; If you haven’t watched it, we recommend that you watch The Muppets released in 2015.