megalo box season 3

Megalo Box Season 3: Release Date, Renewed or Cancelled?

Megalo Box is a beloved anime series that takes place in the world of boxing, belonging to the slice of life and action genre. Directed by Yō Moriyama, the anime first aired in 2018. Delighting its fans with its second season renewal, the anime reappeared as “Megalobox 2: Nomad” and was originally broadcast as 13 episodes on Tokyo MX and BS11 between April 4, 2021 – June 27, 2021. The second season, licensed by Funimation, was created by TMS Entertainment, as was the first season. Touching the audience’s hearts with animes such as Fruits Basket and Dr. Stone, the studio received the third season approval for Dr.Stone. Fans now want the same for Megalo Box. So, will the anime have a third season?

What is the plotline of MEGALOBOX and – 2: Nomad?

Released in 2018, “Megalo Box” emerged to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the “Ashita no Joe” series. As an underground fighter of Megalo Box, a boxing evolution that uses mechanical limbs known as Gear to increase the speed and strength of its users, boxer Joe, who has risen from the underworld, participates in the magnificent tournament “Megalonia”, which decides the top of the fighting game “Megalo Box”.

“Nomad: Megalo Box 2” takes place seven years after the previous story and focuses on the story of Joe, who changes his name to “Nomad” and stands in the underground circle again. The main PV revolves around the fierce battle between Joe and the chief. With Joe’s monologue about to act again, this time we witnessed the emergence of new characters announced and old street kids.

The Picture: Crunchyroll Collection / YouTube – First Season Trailer

Will there be a third season of the anime?

The anime’s studio, TMS Entertainment, or manga publisher Kodansha, or any anime-related company, has yet to confirm a third season. Usually, it can take a long time animes to renew, so there is no need to worry about this yet; there is no cancellation as well. TMS Entertainment is a successful studio that gets confirmation for new seasons of many animes and can produce many animes simultaneously. Only a small part of the animes finds the opportunity for the new season. Megalo Box was the one this animes which get this opportunity. The decision committee usually bases on some key factors to renew the anime. The most important ones are manga source material availability, popularity, and disc sales. We speculated about the third season of the anime as there is no official data yet.

In general, MEGALOBOX 2 Nomad was an original anime, only a small part of it was based on the ‘Ashita no Joe‘ manga. Although the anime is not directly related to the first season, it appeared to the audience as a sequel to the story. The story doesn’t leave many open doors in the second season, it had a satisfying ending overall, but still, a third season is not impossible from a story point of view. A third season of the anime can be scripted independently of the manga if the producers want.

The second season of the anime seems to have kept the success of the first season overall, and the reviews are not bad at all. But the most important thing is popularity. MEGALOBOX has an average search volume on Google currently. On the other hand, disc sales were quite low in the first season (around 300 in volume average). Despite this, it was confirmed for a second season. We think that the first season is aired by Netflix USA, providing extra revenue for the anime. However, the second season has not yet been licensed from major distributors such as Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix other than Funimation. The anime is followed by about 13k people on Twitter and has a very low follower count. In light of what is known, a third season of the anime seems quite difficult. This probability will increase if they succeed in disc sales, which will be released on July 28, 2021. Considering the production time, we can see the new season of the anime in 2023, but this is a low probability, in our opinion. Stay tuned for major updates.