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Mare of Easttown Season 2 Release Date, Renewed or Canceled?

Are you a drama series person, or are you a detective story chaser? Or do you like to watch mysterious stories while dying from curiosity or trying to figure out who the murderer is? If you are either of them or all of them, the Mare Of Easttown exactly suits your watching-taste, and here is our article about Mare of Easttown season one and pieces of information about season two. Mare of Easttown is an American-based series that has a scenario shaped around crime and drama. The creator of the series is Brad Ingelsby, and it has been released on April 18 of 2021, on the HBO cable channel. The leading lady of the series is Kate Winslet, who has won an Oscar, and the cast includes more stars: Guy Pearce, Jean Smart, Julianne Nicholson, John Douglas, Thompson Angourie Rice, Evan Peters, Sosie Bacon, and David Denman. The mini-series has seven episodes, and the final episode was released on May 30, 2021. Although the project has been predetermined as limited before the filming phase, the series has grown in popularity and number of viewers over time. Therefore, it is still an unknown for the audience if there will be a second season or not.

How Was The Story Shaped?

The story is shaped around investigating a murder of a young mother named Erin that happened in a small town in Pennsylvania. For the investigation of the local murder, detective Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet) has been tasked, and she has been given a young partner detective named Colin Zabel. She is an experienced detective who has spent 20 years of her life on the job. She is considered a hero by the locals due to a high-school b-ball game that decided the championship played years ago. However, her detective abilities have been questioned by the community since she failed to solve a case. Apart from this, her personal life has become a mess. She is a divorced mother whose son suicided and a grandmother fighting for custody of her grandson. Moreover, as she progresses and takes more steps ahead on the case, she has conflicts in her inner world as well. As HBO’s official synopsis page states, the series explores a community’s dark side while uniquely telling how family and past tragedies will shape our present.

Mare of Easttown Season 2: Plotline and Expectations

The Mare of Easttown was released as a mini-series which means that it is limited. However, it seems like the fact that it is known as a mini-series cannot stop fans of the series from expecting a season two. Based on the number of views, it can be said that each episode of The Mare of Easttow has been watched by hundreds of thousands of people more than the previous episodes. Therefore, it would not be surprising if HBO will announce a season two for the series. After the final episode, the fate of the Mere was asked to Ingelsby by Variety, the creator, and he responded. According to his explanations, what is behind the door is still a mystery. However, we might know to where Mare’s path is leaded if the series will return. Ingelsby says in the quote below:

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Mare of Easttown Season 2: Release Date and Rumors

Although we know what could happen to Mere in season two, we still don’t know the chances. So what is the likelihood of happening of this? When this question was asked to Brad Ingelsby, what he said was not very promising for the audience. He responded to a question asked to him by the Hollywood Reporter:

Ingelsby said that it was planned as a limited series, and it happened in this way. Therefore according to him, all the mysteries have come to light, and there is nothing left in the mist. So he thinks if they can create a second story that they think can be pulled off, Mare might deserve a second chance. And he adds he hasn’t been able to do so; he still does not know what the story can be. However, Brad says, the team can be convinced as long as there is a second season that the first season will be honored and make the viewers say, “Okay, they pulled it off.”. Then the audience might see a season two. However, as of now, he has nothing about what season two could be.

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Yet, in the movie industry, fans could determine the future of the series. For example, Big Little Lies was created to be done-and-gone in the first place. Nevertheless, the will of fans forced Big Little Lies to come true, and we have seen a season two for the series.

Besides the willingness of fans to see a season two for Mare of Easttown, Kate Winslet also mentioned her desire to play more as more Mare. She chatted to TV Line:

She said that she absolutely has the urge to play the role again. Kate also mentions she really misses the character. According to her, It was fantastic to play the role that she felt she was mourning as if she was Mare herself. Winslet thinks that playing Mare was a wonderful thing that could happen to her. She also adds how outrageous, lovely and brilliant Mare is, making the role addictive for her.

In light of all that is known, it would not be surprising if HBO renews the series, if a renewal comes soon, we can watch the new season of the series in the summer of 2022.