magical sempai season 2

Magical Sempai Season 2: Release Date, Renewal, Manga Status

Magical Sempai is a manga series by famous manga publisher Kodansha that met with readers in 2016. The manga written by Azu was adapted to the anime in 2019, and in fact, the main subject of our content is this anime adaptation. The anime, created by the same studio, Liden Films, with popular anime series such as Love and Lies and Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor, originally aired on Japanese local networks Tokyo MX, MBS, BS-NTV from July 2, 2019, to September 17, 2019. The anime, licensed by Crunchyroll, gained viewers from all over the world thanks to this license. However, unfortunately, after about three years, a second season has not met with the audience yet. Fans are now waiting for the second season of the anime. Let’s see what we know about anime so far.

What was the plotline of the anime?

An anonymous student who has just started high school is looking for a suitable club like all other students. The magic club suddenly appears before him. He runs into Tejina Senpai, who tries to be a magician in the club room. Tejina Senpai, who has extreme stage fright, had an audience watch the hilarious experiments her. The only member of this club is Tejina Sempai, a senior student. Finding himself a member of the magic club before he could understand what was happening, the young man also became Tejina Sempai’s assistant.

magical sempai
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Will there be a second season of Magical Sempai?

Liden Films or any related company has not yet renewed the anime for a second season so far. Anime usually do not publish new season confirmations easily, and the renewal process can take years. We know that there are anime that have received a second season confirmation despite the past ten years. However, for a manga adaptation anime, it is imperative that the manga provides a sufficient source script material. On the other hand, financial conditions and popularity affect the anime’s decision for the second season. When we look at these factors for Magical Sempai, we do not see the second season as very possible due to some concerns.

Manga Status of Magical Sempai

Perhaps the most important criterion for anime is stock material adequacy. Because if the manga does not provide enough source material, it is necessary to prepare original chapters, and this is a situation that we do not witness most of the time. The Magical Sempai manga was written and illustrated by Azu. Kodansha’s manga series, published both in the original language and in English, was completed on February 15, 2021.

The manga series includes 8 volumes in total, and we will no longer see more volumes. In the first season of the anime, the first 5 volumes were adapted. Looking at the remaining volume, the original stock material does not seem sufficient for a second season. The studio has to make a slow new season compressed, release an OVA episode, or create original content, which is unlikely.

Disc sales of the anime

For Magical Sempa anime, disc sales come first in financial matters. Because when we look at the anime’s distribution companies, we cannot see an exclusive distributor. A live-action movie or a smartphone game was also not released. The main income seems to be disk sales.

The target sales volume for an anime to make a second-season decision is 4,000 on average. When we look at Magical Sempai’s first season disc sales, we see an average of 2,500 copies. Not too bad, but still below targets. The second season in terms of disc sales is also unlikely. When we look at the popularity score, we see a current popularity score of 70.4. Not bad, but a second season seems like a very risky decision for producers.

When is the second season of the anime?

The anime was not renewed for a second season yet. Limited source material and under-target disc sales reduce the chances of the second season of the anime to less than 50%. However, the anime world is full of surprises. If there is a renewal, it may be possible to see a new season of the anime in 2022. The average production is about one year for an anime season. However, this time may vary depending on the intensity of the studio. Liden Films announced eight new anime for 2021. This shows that they are the most producing animation company in recent years. We hope that this decision will be for a Magical Sempai second season – although this is unlikely -. Stay tuned.