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Mafia 4 Release Date set 2021? Gameplay, Platforms PS4/PS5?

One of the most anticipated games of recent times, Mafia 4 appeals to criminal game lovers. If your life is a bit boring right now, it might be a good way to recolor it with extreme crime games such as that! Mafia is actually a really popular game series. Of course, this can be easily understood since the fourth game will be released, right? This is why the rumors that Mafia 4 will be released in 2021, very soon, excites people very. Currently, a lot of information and comments about the Mafia are shared on Reddit and many other platforms. According to some rumors, after the release of the final DLC for Mafia 3, prototype work for the fourth game started.

When is the release date of Mafia IV?

So, what do the official statements made on this subject say? Unfortunately, there is no official statement. The company is very stingy about talking about the game or giving a clear release date. But we will be careful to follow this constantly and keep you informed of the developments. Still, some of the things Take-Two Interactive said may have implications for the game. A financial statement on November 7 reveals that there is great excitement about the “sequels from our biggest franchises” that will take place in the upcoming periods. This means: Mafia 4 must continue to be cooked in the kitchen.

Of course, this explanation does not necessarily have to be made for Mafia 4. For example, reference may also be made to other projects belonging to the franchises of this company. GTA, Civilizations, BioShock are just some of them. Still, we want to keep hoping.

But why wasn’t the game released earlier? As mentioned in many game news, some problems within the developer and publisher company caused the game to be shut down for a full six months. Well, this resulted in a lot of work lagging behind and a prolonged period.

Mafia 4 release date predictions

Even without a clear, informative statement, it can be said that there is a very high probability that the game will be released in 2022. Although some rumors still say the game will be released in 2021, we haven’t seen an official trailer yet. There is no gameplay video yet as well. We think the game is still in development, but the best approach for the release date will be 2022 or 2023.

About Mafia 4 Game Playing and Game Plotline

Some news and rumors published on Reddit have provided us with information about Mafia 4. According to these rumors, it is said that the main story of the Mafia 4 game will take place in Las Vegas and will be the subject of the 1970s. Of course, predictably, the game’s core characters will enter the world of organized crime cartels in Vegas, and the heroes here will set the game’s basic flow. Will the characters in previous versions of the mafia game be in version 4? We do not expect a clear answer to this question, and we are waiting for new leakers. But of course, some sort of similarities are still expected.

The reason for this is the story of the Mafia 3 game. The situation at the end of this game requires at least one of the characters to return in the next game. For example, the main character of the game (Mafia 3) is Lincoln Clay. The person who helped this character was John Donovan of the CIA. This person later formed a criminal organization, and the first thing he did was take revenge on the mafia. After highly complex events, at the end of the game, Donovan made a reference to the next games, swearing to find everyone responsible for the Kennedy assassination. So, the story of Mafia 4 may be the continuation of the latter game -at least, that what fans expect, folks.

Expectations revealed that Mafia 4 could attract much more attention than the previous game. Also, the plot of Mafia 4 can be really deep. As the story progresses, the context in which the game is located will become more interesting. Of course, we need to wait to understand what awaits us in more detail.

Let’s talk about one more rumor that has emerged: According to some sources, the story of Mafia 4 will not bear any similarity with Mafia 3, unlike what we have been saying since then. Instead, we will witness a crime game set today. Of course, we do not know which of these claims will be true.

There is a leak from Reddit!

On April 22, 2022, a user’s entry on Reddit attracted great attention. Stating that he has an acquaintance who reviewed the text scripts, the user gave some details about the story. There is currently no official statement, but what the user said made sense to most readers. We can all guess that Mafia 4 is in development. The user says: The location and period of the game are Saint Fortuna (Las Vegas) and Lost Haven in multiple time periods. The main protagonist of the game is named Hain, a dirty cop involved in gambling fraud. The secondary protagonist is a judge in lost haven whose missions will consist of trials of mobsters, career spans from the 40s to 80s. You can examine the user’s entry for more details.

Which platforms will the game be played on?

Those who are eagerly awaiting Mafia 4 will probably be able to play it on XBOX Series X/S, PS5, and PC. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to see the game on old-generation consoles PS4 and XBOX One considering the release period. Still, we are waiting for the company’s official announcements to find out on which platforms the game will be released officially.