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Love 101 Season 2: Release Date on Netflix, Confirmed, Plot

Many Turkish TV series broadcast on Netflix in recent years has been receiving good reviews. Another project of Netflix Turkey, which was acclaimed with successful productions such as Ethos and Rise of Empires, was Love 101. Love 101 series, which took place in 1998 and touched the lives of rebellious high school students, is eagerly awaited worldwide. The series was on the screens in April 2020 with its first season. Created by Ay Yapım, the series included eight episodes in the first season. Fans are excited for the second season of the series. So has Netflix renewed the series for a second season? When will it be released?

Love 101 Season 2 Plotline

The story took place in 1998. Kerem, Sinan, Eda, and Osman harassed everyone, from teachers to students at the school, with what they did. However, no matter what they did, they were lucky, and the Principal Necdet, who wanted to expel them from the school, could not achieve his goal. A unanimous decision must be taken with the teachers to expel these four students. Even if he persuades all the teachers, he cannot convince the teacher Burcu. But in the end, an event occurs that pleases the principal.

Burcu teacher has been appointed and will be leaving school soon; This way, the principal can easily expel them. Kerem, Sinan, Eda, and Osman learned that the only supportive teacher would leave the school, make a plan with Işık, who joined the team. According to them, the only way out is for Burcu to fall in love with Kemal, the basketball coach who just came to school until the term ends.

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Some moments surprised everyone in the finale of the series. Students who refused to read the apology requested by the principal risked being expelled from school. How will their life continue in the second season? In today’s scenes of the series, we see that the students’ paths have parted for years, so will they come back together? What has happened in all these years? The second season will answer all these questions.

Will there be a second season of Love 101?

Good news for fans of the series because Love 101 has been renewed for a second season. The Instagram post of the charismatic teacher of the series, Kaan Urgancıoğlu, had confirmed that the shooting of the series started. However, shooting was interrupted in recent months due to the exposure of some actors to Covid19. Recently, good news came from the actors of the series. Selahattin Paşalı, who appeared in the series as Osman, dropped the note “No sad goodbyes” under his Instagram account and included the shooting photos. We can see the shooting of the drama is over.

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When is the release date?

The shooting of the drama has just finished, and we will have to wait a little longer for a new season. Netflix Turkey did not publish a release date yet clear, but it seems we will not wait too much. According to the Turkish media, it is thought that the series will return to the screen after a full year. A new season of the series will be on Netflix screens, likely end of 2021.

Is there a released trailer for season 2?

A new season trailer of the series has not been released yet. We think the new season trailer of the series will arrive a few weeks before the new season. We can see a new season trailer in March 2021.

Who will be in the cast of season 2?

Sinan (Mert Yazicioglu): He is a reckless and rebellious person. He likes philosophy and puns. He hates people in general and isn’t too optimistic. But events unexpectedly make him a fateful friend to the others.

Eda (Alina Boz): She is one of the popular and troubled girls of the school. She likes to create chaos and make people hurt each other. She is also a tough girl, she won’t get anyone close to her.

Kerem (Kubilay Aka): Kerem is one of the toughest kids in school. He has no anger control and succumbs to his anger and gets involved in fights. He is in love with Eda.

Işık (Silk Filiz Printer): She is one of the hard-working and smart students in the class. She is a queue friend with Sinan. She joins the group consisting of Eda, Sinan, Osman, and Kerem to make Burcu and Kemal fall in love with each other; but later she discovers himself with these friends. She is in love with Sinan in the first season.

Osman (Selahattin Pasali): He is someone who manages and makes money from illegal betting at school. He tries to make money the easy way and mostly he does.

Burcu (Pinar Deniz): She is the assistant principal of the school. In the last vote, he defended his students, albeit alone. She is moderate, has a good dialogue with the student, and is loved by everyone.

Kemal (Kaan Urgancıoğlu): The school’s new basketball coach. He is someone who does not deal with anyone unless necessary. The team needs some effort to get to him.

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