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Levius Season 2 Release date – Netflix, Renewal Status, Plot

Levius is an anime series that first aired in the martial arts genre in 2019. Inspired by the manga series written and illustrated by Haruhisa Nakata, the series turned into an anime with the Netflix license. Polygon Pictures, responsible for animations of the series such as Pacific Rim: The Black and Ajin: Demi-Human, undertook the creators of Levius. The studio has frequently been featured in Netflix licensed anime in recent years. Anime made its debut globally on Netflix on November 28, 2019. In the producer chair, we see Hiroyuki Seshita, who is also the owner of the manga. The anime’s first season received an above-average rating from the audience. So has Netflix renewed the anime for a second season?

What is Levius about? What is the anime plotline?

In an alternative world in the 19th century, humanity has just emerged from the war. However, it looks like the 1940s of the real world, the steam technology that we can call “steampunk” has developed quite a lot. Steam-powered robots, various sophisticated machines, and green television screens exist, although they are not found in homes.

In other words, the future is experienced in the past. Besides, a sport branch in this world has been distinguished from other sports and has become the world’s most popular sport. The name of this sport is Metal Boxing. Cybernetic arm boxers, called Agartha water, powered by steam, perform relentless fights, and the public loves this. One of these boxers is Young Levius, who gave the anime its name. His trainer goes to the rings in the company of former underground boxer Zack and tries not to die first, and then to win.

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The anime starts at a slow pace, but it picks up as the episodes progress. The scenes in which the words are too long from time to time slow down the tempo, but the ring scenes are successful. Especially Malcolm and Bill were very popular.

There were many bloody scenes in its manga, and there were many deaths. However, the creators did not reflect these contents into the anime. Maybe we can see severed limbs and heads pierced in the second season. Let’s go back to anime; as we said, the boxing competitions are successful. It is enjoyable to watch the young Levius fight without exaggeration. Instead of the 2D drawings that we are used to from anime, 3D drawings that we have started to see in new generation animes are used. Although the drawings are outside of the traditional anime, we can say that they are successful. We can say that it is successful for Levius’s music as well. There is a beautiful, accelerating melody played during the anime. The opening piece, Wit and Love, has a different and interesting sound. The ending track Child Dancer isn’t bad either.

Will there be a season 2 of Levius?

Netflix has not yet renewed the anime for a second season. When we follow the producers of the series, we cannot catch a clue about Season 2. In this case, we will examine whether the series will have a second season with some parameters. There are two main criteria to make a prediction.

How popular is Levius to see a new season?

The biggest factor behind the new seasons of the series is ratings and, therefore, financial factors. Unfortunately, Levius could not get a sufficient rating despite being a successful anime that was broadcast on a platform like Netflix. However, there is a unique fan base waiting for it, but the popularity is unfortunately under the threshold, which reduces the possibility of a new season. Below you will see popularity percentages based on some platforms. Anime looks really underrated when compared to similar anime. Animes are products with anticipation of profit, and approval for a new season is tough when they do not get the required views.

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Source Material: Manga status of the Levius

As it is known, the source material of anime is generally manga. Levius, published on Netflix, is a manga adaptation like similar anime. Although there are differences between the story and characters of the anime and the manga, the anime is based on the currently broadcast manga. Yes, the manga is still running right now. Eight volumes have been released so far and, the manga provides enough source material for a new season.

It is very unlikely, however, we think we can see a new season of the series, especially Polygon Studio, a successful studio that stepped into many projects and released much different anime in parallel. However, we do not expect a new season due to their intensity in the current year. We can see a new season of the series in 2022-2023.