KonoSuba Season 3 Release Date, Renewed or Cancelled?

KonoSuba, or with its Japanese name “Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!”, is an isekai anime first released in 2016. Actually, it would not be right to call it a complete isekai; it is a comedy that references isekai. Based on a light novel series written by Natsume Akatsuki, the anime takes place in the posthumous alternative world with our weird team contains Kazuma and his friends, goddess, magician, and challenger. Originally launched on January 14, 2016, on Tokyo MX, TV Saitama, CTC, tvk, Sun TV, GBS, MTV, TVQ, BS11 local channels, the series was licensed by Crunchyroll and soon became famous all over the world and it is also aired on HBO Max. This popularity was rewarded with the second season’s approval, and it appeared before the audience with a second season just one year later. The third season of the series is now eagerly awaited. So, will KonoSuba have a third season? Let’s investigate.

What is the plotline of KonoSuba?

The young man named Kazuma Satou is introverted, a game addict, and addicted to anime and manga. Unfortunately, he dies because of a traffic accident one day. However, this is not the end for him, but the beginning. When he wakes up and opens his eyes, he finds a beautiful but strange girl in front of him. The girl says her name is Aqua and claims to be a goddess. Aqua to Kazuma: “Hey, I have good news for you. Do you want to go to an alternative world? But you can only take one thing with you.” he says. Shocked Kazuma: “Then I’d like to take you.” The duo finds themselves in an alternative world such as MMORPG games.

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The duo’s aim who come to the town of Axel is to destroy the Demon King and his monsters. Soon, two more join them in their struggle: the enraged Mage Megumin and the masochistic crusader named Darkness. Seeing that each member of his team is different and weird, Kazuma gives up defeating the Demon King before his adventure begins and decides to enjoy himself. However, although Kazuma does not want to go on an adventure, adventure finds him, and the Demon King’s generals constantly attack him. Unfortunately, Kazuma does not have the luxury of enjoying himself, as Aqua constantly causes trouble for Kazuma.

Will there be a third season of KonoSuba?

Studio Deen or Kadokawa, or any streaming channel has not yet renewed the series for a third season. However, those who follow the anime industry closely know that an anime’s new season may come before the audience years and years later. There is no official announcement so far, but hints are available. We will speculate with the most up-to-date information as of January 2021 for the third season of the series.

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Light Novel Status (Main Source Material)

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, KonoSuba has been adapted from a light novel to TV. The series, which started to be published on the internet, is first published as short novels, then adapted to manga, and eventually becomes an anime series. With this side, we can call KonoSuba, a sibling to One Punch Man. One-Punch Man was also an amateur illustrated manga series that was first published on the internet.

The main source material for the series is the light novel written by Natsume Akatsuki and illustrated by Kurone Mishima. The series published by Kadokawa and Yen Press published in English. The series, consisting of 17 volumes in total, started to be broadcast in 2013 and made a final on May 1, 2020.

Light novel no longer continues. This may upset readers, but not the same feelings for anime viewers. The first season of the anime covered volumes only 1-2, and the second season volumes 3-4. The source material is available for an anime that has at least five seasons in simple proportion. There is no problem in terms of stock material.

Smartphone Game and Season Three

A smartphone game of the series was released in February 2020. According to the announcement made on the series’s official Twitter account, it will be released globally in 2021. With this new game, anime producers will not want to release a new season because this situation will make the game’s popularity fluctuate and focus on the new season of anime. Anime producers will not want to divide the popularity between these two productions.

However, the game production shows that the investment in this series continues. We think that preparation will also be done for a new anime season, even if it does not happen at the same time as the game. The Attack on Titan app was recently released before the start of part 2 of the 3rd season, and now the 4th term has been decided.

Besides, a movie of the series was released in 2019. The movie is not directly linked to the season 3 situation, but in a way, it raises the possibilities. We can see them trying to keep KonoSuba alive. The movie also supports anime disc sales. We think that Game and Film can be a preparation policy for a third season.

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Disc (BluRay and DVD) Sales and Popularity

In general, if an anime’s disc has sold over 5,000, it is promising for a new season. The committee stays financially above the targets with disc sales over these items. The disc sales of KonoSuba are as follows:

Season 1 SalesSeason 2 Sales
Volume 0112,32912,946
Volume 029,7938,277
Volume 039,3897,980
Volume 049,3307,561
Volume 059,1407,662
Average Sales9,9968,885

When we consider the initial volumes, disc sales exceeded 10,000. And the average values seem to be that KonoSuba disc sales comfortably exceeded the 5,000 thresholds. We do not see any obstacles for the third season in the disc sales part of our evaluation. Everything is OK.

Apart from disc sales, the series is very popular on online platforms. The anime, which was in the top 50 according to the popularity ranking of Myanimelist, was rated 6000 times in IMDB. This popularity is rare for an anime. And also, with more than 300,000 Twitter followers, we can see that there is no problem in terms of popularity.

What about Studio Deen’s works?

Anime creator studio Studio Deen produces many animes throughout the year. This studio, which has been creating anime for many years, is in trouble with disc sales for most of its products. But they have an anime that breaks box office records. What we are talking about is KonoSuba. Studio Deen made both seasons of the anime. We think the same studio will create a possible third season. The studio will be enthusiastic for the third season, as it seems to be the most valuable product they have.

2021 Plans of Studio Dean
Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table (2021)Anime2021
The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement (2021)Anime2021
Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Battle of Kimluck (2021)Anime2021
Hetalia: World Stars (2021)Anime2021
Sailor Moon EternalFilm2021
KonoSuba Season 3Animenot currently in the plan

When is the release date of the third season of KonoSuba?

As of January 2021, at the time of writing, the series has not yet been renewed for a third season, but according to our assessment, a third season of the series seems certain. Currently, the focus is on a new mobile game. The anime’s third season is not yet in the Studio Dean‘s production schedule, but it’s hard to guess what’s going on in the background. A possible new season can be announced in 2021. At best, the arrival of a new season seems to be late 2021. We will update the article as news comes in for the new season.

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