Killing Eve Season 4 Release date (Delayed?) on Hulu, Plot

This English series in dark comedy, drama, thriller is an adaptation of Luke Jennings’ Villanelle series. The series’ last season has been published on Hulu, BBC, and also Philo. Killing Eve series completed its third season. Season 4 details and release date of the series, which left behind three seasons, are wondered. So what awaits us in season 4, which is scheduled to be released next year?

The series, which attracted the British’s attention at the very beginning, soon became one of the hit series all over the world. The leading roles include Sandra Oh and young actress Jodie Comer, whom we know for her character Cristina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy series. The series also managed to return with awards from Golden Globes and Emmys.

The series tells about Villanelle, who killed everyone, and Eve Polastri, who became her toy. In the first season, we were looking at the story mostly through the eyes of Eve Polastri. In the first season finale, Eve and Villanelle had such a big encounter that we wondered about the second season.

Killing Eve Season 4 Plot

We visited more countries in the second and third seasons. Although it was a British series, we were doing a European tour from Russia to Germany, Spain to Italy and Poland. The second season was also resulting in Villanelle’s victory.

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These battles in the first two seasons went to more strange with the third season. During the third season, we focused more on the psychology of Villanelle. How can a psychopath be so humanistic? This series shows us this. Comer’s successful performance says, “Actually, many of us can be Villanelle.”

‘Killing Eve’ recently went on holiday with a season 3 finale. All the successful dynamics of the series came together in the 8th episode of the 3rd season. Passion could not be better explained. ‘Killing Eve manages to catch an even wider audience every season. It should not be viewed as a dangerous, bloody rapprochement between only two women. In the 4th season of the series, we will probably watch more bloody, more passionate, more eventful things. We predict that Eve and Villanelle will move together now. We can finally witness a rapprochement that will lead to Eve’s defeat.

4th Season of Killing Eve Release Date

Update on 24.10.2020: At the time of writing, the new season date of the series has not yet been published. Delays due to Coronavirus are experienced during the filming of the series. It has been confirmed that the fourth season, normally expected to take place in August 2020, was delayed due to difficulties in filming. The series’ filming takes place in many European locations; things will not be easy for such a scenario.

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Isis Davis, who is in the writing team on Killing Eve, confirmed that there’s still uncertainty around filming the series. She adds that there is no problem in the works’ writing side, but there are difficulties and uncertainties on the production side.

The current situation makes it difficult for the series to be released in 2021. The best possible prospect is the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022.

The old expectation was:

The release date of the new season of the series, which is published weekly last April, is curious. The series also aired its previous seasons in April. It is likely that there will be a glitch due to the pandemic, but our estimates are that the series will start in April next year.

What fans speak for Season 4 of Killing Eve?

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  1. I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t like season 3. The name of the series is killing eve, but it is no longer related with Eve.

    I liked it when the narrative language changed at the beginning of the 3rd season. I thought they would pick up the lagging narrative in season 2, but it didn’t happen. Each chapter went further down. All the tension that led to the show from the beginning is over. It is impossible to understand what was done in the last chapter. All the characters that were created and gained depth became caricatures.

    By the way, phoebe waller-bridge does not write the series as it seems. He only wrote the first season.

  2. TV series with a very unstable rhythm. But overall it’s a good series. Lovely Phoebe Waller-Bridge… There was no way to be bad. I get very high on the intelligence of this woman. Oksana is one of the best female serial killer characters I’ve ever watched. In fact, the cliché sometimes plays from a bad place, but it makes it very unique.

  3. The show is pretty good. No matter what they say, yes, there are logic errors, but when you say the subject of the series, acting, scenario, you feel in it, and you ignore the logic errors. It is a series that I love very much and I like very much. I’m looking forward to seeing the new season.

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