Kengan Ashura Season 3 Release date, Plot, Renewal Status

Kengan Ashura is a fighting anime created by Japanese animation studio Larx Entertainment. The anime, which resembles Baki at first glance, was one of the animations that attracted great attention and attracted attention in the world last year. The last time was on October 31, 2019, with the second season. We will evaluate the third season of the series. We watched aesthetic fights with bare hands, bloody, and deaths in the anime. It was one of the best anime of 2019. According to the IMDb data, which received a high rating of 8.0 from users. The series is an adaptation of a manga of the same name. The manga series written and illustrated by Yabako Sandrovich has been published in Ura Sunday & MangaONE magazines. The Netflix licensed anime adaptation, on the other hand, drew more sound than its manga. Fans are wondering if there will be a third season. It has been quite a while since the series was last aired. Before we get into the third season details, let’s take a look at the past and expectations.

What happened in previous seasons and what is expected?

In this series’s world, deadly struggles have taken place between fighters on behalf of merchants since the Edo period. In the past, there was a dirty competition between merchants to be able to the palace’s supplier status. Shogun finally steps in and orders it to be shaped into a duel with what he will determine when there is hostility. Subsequently, Kengan fights that continue secretly. This process has come to the present day. The two companies find themselves in a fighting tournament to win the contract. The president of the Kengan League is also elected in the same way. Challenge the president tournament is held, and companies with a high fee can participate in this tournament. This tournament is called the Kengan Death Tournament.

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kengan ashura fight

Our hero is Tokita Ohma and Kazuo Yamashita. Yamashita is the ordinary, not-so-good salesperson working for the Nogi Group. One day, witness a fight in the back streets. A teenager knocks down a man who is almost three times his size without difficulty. When Yamashita asks his name, Tokita Ohma gets his answer. Ohma has been a fighter of the Nogi Group, and the Nogi Group President has commissioned Yamashita to take care of it.

The fight scenes and drawings of the series are also very successful. In drawing that looks like 3D at first glance, it’s as flexible as 2D. The highly anticipated tournament will continue in the third season, and the winner of the tournament falling 16 out of 32 people may be determined in the third season. Ohma is the favorite of most of us, but we all know all of the characters are good as well. Will he be eliminated, or will he be the winner of the tournament? It will allow the third season to answer these questions.

Will there be a third season of Kengan Ashura: When is the release date?

Netflix has not yet renewed the series for a third season. It is not known whether Larx Entertainment has also worked on this issue. However, our opinion is positive. The series is a manga adaptation, as we said before. The manga written by Yabako Sandrovich has reached six volumes in total, and a seventh volume is coming on November 12. Only the first two volumes of this manga were used in the anime adaptation. This means that there are enough resources for the series to continue for a few more seasons.

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Usually, some anime are published only for advertising of their manga. However, we don’t think that is the case with Kengan Ashura. It has been a good financial reward for Netflix. Evaluations and views were acceptable. We’re sure there will be a third season of the series.

It is, unfortunately, difficult to present the same sharp thoughts about time. There are enough resources now, and with a possible Netflix renewal, we can see a new season of the series in the summer of 2021. The first season was aired one summer.

Is there released trailer for season 3?

It is not possible to see a trailer without the new season approval of the series. We can only see a new trailer from the animation studio a few months before the third season air. To remember, we share with you one of the last released trailers of the series. Stay tuned for updates.


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  1. It was delightful to watch the characters with lots of blood, brutality, and severe fighting during the tournament. It is not an empty anime, so there is a specific story in the background. The fact that all the fighters’ life details are included in the background with flashbacks is a detail that is rarely contained in the animes. I guess this anime was not in the foreground because it was not a TV series. Producer companies were also different. It can be understood from the drawings and animations. They adopted the fluent animation style and designed animations with 3D technology. It sounds strange at first because it’s different, but I thought it was the most appropriate for such content. Since there is lots of fighting, blood, action, you don’t get bored at any minute. Especially when the tournament parts started, I fell under the spell of that atmosphere, effects, and music, and even the announcer attracted my attention, mostly because he was vocalized with a very enthusiastic performance. Thanks to all these features, I finished watching the anime with pleasure, and of course, I will watch the second season of Kengan Ashura as well.

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