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Katla Season 2 Release Date, Netflix, Renewed or Cancelled?

Icelandic sci-fi series Katla first premiered on Netflix on June 17, 2021. The production was created by Baltasar Kormákur. The directors of the series are Börkur Sigþórsson, Thora Hilmarsdottir and again, Baltasar Kormákur, while the script is written by Ólafur Egilsson, Sigurjón Kjartansson and Baltasar Kormákur. The cast of the show includes names such as Guðrún Ýr Eyfjörð, Íris Tanja Flygenring, Aliette Opheim, Ingvar Sigurdsson, and Þorsteinn Bachmann. The Katla series managed to get 7.0 points with the votes of 9.3 thousand people on IMDb. The first season, which has a great story that creeps the audience, consists of 8 episodes in total. It was stated that the series, with an average of 45 minutes in each episode, is suitable for those aged 15 and over. Katla season 1 wraps up most of the stories, but a final statement hints that new stories will be told in Katla season 2. Here’s all we know.

What is the Plotline of Katla?

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Katla Volcano, located under the ice in Iceland, has been erupting periodically for a year. You never know what happens when a volcano erupts. The terrible explosions that take place begin to melt the ice and activate some mysterious creatures inside. Mysterious elements in the ice turn the lives of the nearby townspeople upside down. The people of the Icelandic town of Vik suddenly experience mysterious events. A year after the violent eruption of the subglacial volcano Katla, the peace and tranquillity in the small town of Vik is dramatically disrupted. Gríma is still searching for his missing sister, who disappeared the day the explosion started. As hopes of finding his body begin to wane, the bystanders start visiting unexpected guests. During the struggle of the townspeople, a woman covered with ash emerges from the glaciers and everything changes. In the cryptic final scene, a new group of ashen people descends upon Vik, indicating that other community members will have to grapple with past traumas.

Will there be a Second Season of Katla?

Unfortunately, Netflix or the producers have not yet given any information on whether the second season will be released. But there is a high probability that there will be a second season. Producer-director Baltasar Kormákur, who has a strong voice in the series, has spent years preparing this production. He also got help from famous writers. This teamwork has inevitably written a long-winded and exciting story. The ending of the first season leaving a question mark may also be a message to the audience. In addition, it is a fact that Netflix waits for a few months to see the number of views of the series and the feedback from the viewers.

For this reason, it’s too early for an official confirmation to be released. Fans are almost certain that the new season will come. The series received very positive comments from the audience and the critics. So, what is the possible date for season 2 to air? Considering Netflix’s classic procedure, we guess that Season 2 will arrive in mid or late 2022. Stay tuned for the official announcement.

Katla Season 2 Plotline

The finale of Katla Season 1 gives us the message that new characters will be joining the series. Most of the humanoids that emerge from the meteor die. Grima experiences a spiritual awakening after playing Russian roulette. As the wife of the town policeman is on her deathbed, she is driving into the volcano, leaving the police alone. In the final scene, we see many ashen figures coming towards the city.

Even though Katla Season 2 returns with a new cast, we are sure that the stories of the first season characters will be mentioned again. Most duplicates of the main characters will probably not be with us this season. We will only be able to remember them in flashbacks. If the ashy characters at the end of season one aren’t somehow connected to the season’s characters, we will be watching a new cast in the upcoming season. In season two, we will continue to explore the mysterious effects of the subterranean meteorite. We will now be able to learn something about the white-feathered raven, which we see occasionally but for which no explanation has been given.