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Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2: Cancelled but Spin-off is Coming!

Jupiter’s Legacy was attracted huge attention when the first trailer released. Netflix made fans happy by adapting Mark Millar’s comic to a superhero show. Jupiter’s Legacy promised its fans power, chaos, and death between two different superhero descendants. The adaptation of the series features such popular names as Josh Duhamel as Sheldon Sampson aka The Utopian, Lesley Bibb as Grace Sampson aka Lady Liberty, and Ben Daniels as Walter Sampson aka Brainwave who a group of superheroes who have been protecting the world for a long time. Jupiter’s Legacy also has young descendants as Elena Kampouris and Andrew Horton, as the children of Sheldon and Grace. Mark Millar has informed fans about huge superhero lists on the show and the epic story of the show. We all were waiting for season 2 after the first amazing eight episodes. The first season of the series premiered globally on Netflix on May 7, 2021. So what do we know about season 2 so far? We’ve compiled all the knowns.

What happened at the end of Jupiter’s Legacy Season One?

Jupiter’s Legacy combined two different timelines and three basic stories in the show. If the show returned back, we already saw what might happen in the future with these three stories. Sheldon Sampson, aka Utopian’s desire, is to unite these six powerful heroes on Union’s doorstep. Utopian decided to do his quest creepily. He was getting six heroes to a mysterious island. He uses dead creatures that resemble the people who in heroes’ lives and would like to see once again. We see six heroes in the final past timeline scene as an assembled team. They were getting together in the headquarters and used their powers as a team to protect the world from evil characters. Brandon kills the Blackstar to save his father, Utopian. Eventually, he realizes what he killed by thinking is Blackstar is actually a clone. He tries to figure out who responsible for the clone.

At the end of the episode, we saw that Brainwave stays alone with his daughter, Raikou. According to Raikou, Brainwave is the actual one who made the clone that looks like Skyfox. Later, Brainwave released the real Blackstar to create trouble for Brandon and Utopian by forcing them to fight with the real Blackstar.

jupiter's legacy season 2
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Will there be a second season of Jupiter’s Legacy?

Fans may be a little upset about this part, but Netflix has canceled the series. Although the beloved superhero show canceled by Netflix, there is a plot twist! Gather here Mark Millar fans! Netflix is developing the spin-off series Supercrooks, which is planned to take place in the same comic universe. Rumors say that the new production has a super-bad hero story. The plotline a little bit changes. The world’s first superhero family, Sampsons, take their power back in the 1930s. The elderly guards of the world, the Sampson family try to adopt the time’s chancing whereas the new generation of extremely powerful superheroes tries to live up to their legacy. The creator of the comic series Supercrooks believes the spin-off show will definitely take place in the second season of Jupiter’s Legacy and not upset the fans.

Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2 Canceled: Spin-off Show Supercrooks is On the Way

Millar stated that he is happy to be prepared for the adaptation of the Supercrooks comic they created together with Leinil Francis Yu. Focusing on Millarworld’s super villains, Supercrooks will be the spin-off series to be developed instead of Jupiter’s Legacy season 2, which canceled. We have not certain info about whether some characters will switch between the two series.

Why Jupiter’s Legacy Canceled?

When it comes to Netflix’s “Jupiter’s Legacy” adaptation, rumors say that there is a big problem in the dramatic conflict situation. The series did not create a conflict like other superhero series and movies. There are no heroes who go through major changes and eventually return to their old self, nor is there a character who looked good from the start but turned out to be bad in the end.